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  • brad_welsh brad_welsh Mar 30, 2007 10:01 AM Flag

    Window dressing

    Enjoy the pop up as mediocre or poor performing funds hop on board to make it look like the owned COH the whole quarter. The ones who did own will continue to hold, but next week is when they'll start rollin' out. Enjoy the pop up today.

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    • COH makes cash - and a lot of it. I could care less what others do.

    • Entering Q2, it appears that the window dressing refuses to stop. How strange!


    • So what your doing here is window dressing. Post at certain points to get responses and then roll over when the replying posts stop........what ingenuity. What grab me is the fact that what you post is pathetically poor nonsense about COH, nothing that would sway anyone who wanted to invest in the company, just little snipets to entice board watchers to maybe my post will end this following you have that is based on bs.

    • My medical device / life sciences stock along with my one great specialty retail stock :) did just fine today , thank you very much .

    • But although unemployment still isn't bad at 5% ask yourself where that .5% went and where those people are now spending money? It's a vicious cycle, those people will cut back because they don't have the money to spend, then the retailers/restaurants lose out, etc. etc, not to mention what it does to people who see things beginning to slow. They no longer splurge on the big purchase and try to save as they worry they might be the next ones laid off.

    • I think I'd probably be joyful to see Brad's 200th reason. That alone confirms the world is still functioning normally. :)

      On a more serious note, I'm doing pretty good today too. Thanks for that part of my portfolio in the consumer discretionary sector: mainly retail and restaurant holdings. (Poor Brad!)

      I have been forming an impression over the last few years that some so-called 'discretionary' products are gradually shifting into the not-so-discretionary area of the economy.

      I have been a long time follower of Starbucks. In those old days, I definitely thought a $3 cup of coffee was discretionary. But I slowly noticed that this concept was not true any more. To a lot of Americans, that $3-a-cup coffee is a must for them to start their day. Without that, they can't even walk! So should we put that in the more 'Staple' part of the economy?

      I have similar observations about Coach products. Buying a $200/$300 handbag is not something discretionary at all. It's part of a lady's daily life. (Buying an LV bag is a different story. It is still pretty discretionary, if the messages that I get from the women I know, and from some other sources).

      People's habits change. Certain habits in one category yesteryear may not be in the same category now.


    • I don't know if I can take the 200th reason. I might sell everything that I own if Brad comes up with another one.

      But then again, I did pretty good today. My stocks that are on Brad's crap list are up nicely for the day. One is up big time on buyout speculation.

    • I am not worried, just glad I own a real winner in COH! Also, love the new bags and will be buying one very soon for the Spring. Good luck to all longs!

    • "Gee, problems never stop coming up."...

      Yes, indeed.

      Just borrow words from the Fed chief: there may be a slight imbalance in the system. Not a big one, just slight.

      So do we need to worry?

      I don't. Brad might. Or he might be only pretending he's worrying and try to spread the negatives and only the negatives around, for whatever reasons he might have.

      And when do I worry?

      When there seems to be no problem in the world and everyone is happy. Now is far from that. Ask Brad, he can list 199 reasons to be worrying. And also the fed is 'confusing', as Brad once said. You see, the world is still full of problems.

      But there are also good things too. Like you just pointed out unemployemnt is still low, historically speaking. World economy is enjoying healthy growth in so many regines that much more middle class have been created and they are enjoying more for what they are entitled to. Bra bra bra...

      That's why I said, there is a slight imbalance.

      So, what next?

      I don't know, just keep doing what we are doing, and occasionally check to see if Brad has added the 200th reason to be worrying.


    • "Window dressing"?



      Give me another reason for the pop. Please think twice before pulling out this type of cliche as reason for stock price change. It just doesn't good enough to cover your a--.

      Get the bigger picture, Brad.


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