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    A Rich Man�s Portfolio

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    • To get rid of SPAM, I first do a search for their name using Advanced Search, which gives me a list of their spam postings for the day. I then go through that list, one by one, posting the following reply:

      SPAM SPAM SPAM and MORE SPAM! Reported and IGNORED.

      I then mark them with "one star", and report them, and use my back browser button to get back to the listing - and then repeat the process. Each spammer does about 50 - 60 spams before changing names. My understanding is that they get 50� for each posting. I usually report about ten of their spams in a given morning. I feel as if I'm in some movie called "Sisyphus meets High Tach", but somebody's gotta move this rock.

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      • NO merits - got this from another poster on the Hansen Board who got it somewhere else. Maybe something we can try here.

        By DEFAULT, you might have noticed that Yahoo's forum presents to you and anyone else; '2 Stars + unrated' posts.

        The idea suggested is to RATE spam post with a 1 Star - this way that post will disappear for you and I, and in fact for any user that happens to come for a visit.

        Not only are we eliminating this pesty action from our own view but further diluting the spamming objective from being reached even with new viewers!

        Worth a try?

        I'll give any spam a 1 star rating and see what happens - it is suggested that 3 individual ratings are required for that rule to kick in - I'm not sure about that, but it's worth a try I would think.

        I am also posting this notice wherever I can so that we can get something going and take back our boards.

        I have found that by typing SPAM SPAM SPAM into the Advanced Search and clicking on "all Yahoo boards", I can find postings by other people complaining about spam. I'm just one guy - but if you do it too, we may really get something to happen!

        PS. I also report the poster for spamming.

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