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  • cal788pct cal788pct Aug 10, 2007 3:23 PM Flag

    How and Why you are being Snookered >>


    Anyone buying the so called dip here is going to learn the lessons of their lives here is why:

    1. Market has barely fallen 6 % from all time highs when clearly a recession or worse in in the making Do you actually expect the market to rreach new highs now ? Yet you are risking your wealth for a 6% gain that you agree will not occur ? (this is the power of 5 years of conditining to buy the dips as market always rose but the fuel to do it phony funny money is now non existent get it yet ? **All** stocks financials industrials tech retail assets must be **repriced** to historical levels app 50% lower than these bubble levels (ex ge pe 12 not 20,pg pe 13 not 21 vz pe 12 not 20 fiancials with sub prime exposure and negative revenues like hog 5 not 14)especially with recession looming.
    2. The financials are the engine that produced the funny money ie creation of trillions in fiat money, derivatives, cdos, ldos, credit default swaps etc earned enormous (mostly phoney) money with and provided them to consumers in nearly unlimited quantities who spent the money on housing retail sales etc and to buy stocks. This cycle is dramatically coming to an end as the financials and mortage companies and hedge funds collapse on a daily basis !
    3. There are many other reasons but the biggest of all imo
    is the forced liquidation that the hedge funds are beginning and that will continue for weeks if not months (see below) did you know most hedge funds require 30 days notice for refunds ? so since the debacle that started last week there are thousands of requests for refunds building up causing the funds to have to liquidate over the next 30 days to pay back the investors.. So their plan is to pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and dump to collect the money from you they need to refund to their clients.. Amazingly against this backdrop are you buying the stocks at this price level ..
    I suggest you move 401K to money market today and liquidate you positions to protect your wealth you wont but you will remember I tried to warn you:
    short 2X inverse S&P 500 rydex / short Harlkey Davidson / long Gold Fields

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- The liquidation of a big hedge fund or investment-bank trading portfolio is wreaking havoc in some parts of the hedge-fund business, managers and investors said Thursday.

    Black Mesa Capital, a hedge-fund firm that uses computer models to track down investment ideas, said that at least one large hedge fund or investment bank is liquidating "massive" trading portfolios, according to a letter the Santa Fe, N.M.-based firm sent to investors Wednesday.

    'Clearly, something is amiss in the markets that few in our strategy, if anyone, have experienced before.'

    Letter to Black Mesa investors

    The warning is causing disruptions and triggering big losses among other so-called market-neutral hedge funds, Black Mesa said in its letter, a copy of which was obtained Thursday by MarketWatch.

    "Clearly, something is amiss in the markets that few in our strategy, if anyone, have experienced before," Black Mesa's managers, Dave DeMers and Jonathan Spring, wrote. DeMers declined to comment Thursday.

    The firm's hedge fund, which has about $1.9 billion in long positions and $1.9 billion in short positions, was down roughly 7.5% this month through Aug. 7. Those losses could grow to as much as 10% for August so far, Black Mesa noted.

    A $700 million hedge fund run by Goldman Sachs (GS) , the North American Equity Opportunities fund, has sold some of its positions recently after losses, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday. Goldman's biggest hedge fund, the Global Alpha fund, has suffered losses and may also be selling positions, but the person stressed that this fund is not shutting down.
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