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  • patient2invest patient2invest Dec 19, 2007 7:03 PM Flag

    52 week low on COH

    Alot of people want this stock to go lower. They are working overtime and have tried every trick in the book. But mostly misrepresenting what the company and CEO states. Slower mall traffic...Coach is in trouble. Lower a few discontinued handbag prices....Coach is in trouble. And then they keep repeating over and over the same thing so that people might listen and believe it, like water torture. And Cramer is helping. Is he paying back one of his hedge fund buddies? Who knows? Now more TV antics. It's got to be the truth if it's on TV. Right? But whatever it is, I'm not falling for it. The shorts can cover with someone elses shares.

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    • have you been watching the news and seeing what is happening in the economy? It looks very bleak out there! When our economy is in a recession, the worst retailers to react in this kind of market are mid level specialty chain stores. Take a look at the companies that are in this sector ANN,TLB,CHS and COH, and BEBE. All these stocks have it a 52 week low the last two weeks. I have a lot of retail experience and i'm just telling stockholders to be wary of these companies stock prices because i feel they will be heading lower until they come out with their earning in January. I did sell my position in a bunch of these type of retailers because i saw the type of traffic(Below my expectations) at these stores plus i saw that these stores were receiving a large amount of returns before Christmas has arrived. Plus i have seen more discounts than usual and the weather has effected same store sales in the mid-west and east coast. I will be buying this stock till i hear the December sales numbers. I don't mind paying a premium if good news is a head and if bad new is in the future i don't mind putting my orders in the mid 20's.

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      • This is the most absurd response on the board. Your dangerous enough to look like you know what your talking about, but clearly don't...

        Returns before Christmas??? How did you calc that? Did they give your a pull off the POS? Standing by a register hearing someone return something doesn't constitute "heavy returns".

        As it relates to COH, not a chance as they are JUST getting to their heavy holiday sales over the next couple days, with this Saturday, their busiest day of the year (that is a fact).

        Then finally, heavy discounting in the Northeast and the mid-west. Well, I think you might want to go and check the weather. Regardless of who you are, the weather trends this year were terrible, especially compared to last year. Last year was a "perfect storm" of sorts, with cold weather hitting early in the 4th Q, to help drive margin rich cold weather apparel out the door.
        This year, it was the exact opposite, with the first hint of cold weather only hitting a day or so before Thanksgiving. This puts retailers in a tough spot, as its virtually impossible to sell cold weather apparel in Jan/Feb, without 50%+ discount. So, the plan is to preserve some level of margin by selling their cold weather and other apparel at 20%-30% now. (Jackets, pants, scarves, sweaters, fleece, etc...)

        I am not going to use weather as an excuse, but if your somehow getting a read from some regional/local manager on one of the companies listed, he/she is probably comparing this yr vs. last year results and based on what I am telling you above, its not an accurate indicator. Also, returns always spike after any retail breaks to a new level of discounts.

        Stocks like TLB, ANN and BEBE are all very company specific issues, with TLB being the biggest fashion disaster of them all. ANN just cannot get all the cylinders to fire at the same time.

        But of course you knew all this, on account of "all your retail experience"...

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