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  • mynetworthishigher mynetworthishigher Jan 24, 2008 7:19 PM Flag

    Opinions on COACH......

    hey everybody, I shorted some COH today @ 30.00 and so far so bad. It appears to be bouncing back, what do you guys think is going to happen in the near term?

    A. COH continues to bounce back to rally more than the 35% it has in the last week to the range of 33-36.

    B. As the demand for luxury goods is expected to decline the stock retraces to new lows in the range of 20-24

    Please explain your opinion. THanks

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    • If you're short term, then I'm with you. Coach has had a nice "mini" run and needs to take a breather. I'm looking at the 20 day m.a. as a nice resting pt at around 28.50. With that, I'm the proud owner of some Feb 30 puts. Also, I think the crowd is going to realize that Ben went a little crazy this week and will prob get real stingy Weds. Finally let's not forget "traders taking profit before the weekend". If you are a long term investor, then I agree Coach is a wonderful company, blah, blah, blah...

    • You need to do your own research.

      The average person that shopped at a COH store during the 'black holiday season' which still showed a 21% increase in COH will continue to shop for spring and summer accessories. If they can do that well in a 'dark ecomonic time', imagine what they will do when this so called slow down ends.

      Rate have been lowered and checks will be mailed in June. All of the women I see, still bought their new bags to match their new shoes. The women in Japan, China, and Russia will continue to do the they are also doing it in COH stores as well.

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      • Just a random note - Just got back from getting a manicure and the women on either side of me had COH products. Young girl next to me had a COH wallet and the woman next to me had a COH tote. I believe that women will continue to buy their COH bags. Also, if they do not want to spend on new outfits, a new COH bag will up-date their wardrobe. Good luck to all longs, I think we go much higher from here.

    • you need to read what Intel chairman said: Chairman Craig Barrett Thursday said the U.S. may be talking itself into a recession, adding that the world's biggest chip maker isn't seeing any signs of a recession yet. Speaking on CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Barrett said Intel is only seeing a cyclical slowdown in the U.S., and in global terms there is little sign of a slowdown.
      He called on the U.S. government to stimulate science education and research and development spending because the global market is becoming much more competitive.
      "I'm still very concerned, the U.S. needs to wake up," he said.

      He doesn't think there's a recession. That is pretty big. But what about average Joe like me? I don't think there's a recession either after talking to 100s of people and hearing that they don't think there's a recession and their lifestyle is the same as last year or the year before.

      There's no doubt that US media is trying to add fuel to these recession talks and truly trying to ruin the economy. A lot of companies have reported so far and those numbers have been nothing but stellar..but again, what does CNBC and other media do? They write articles that are completely negative taking retail readers mind away from the good things.

      COH, I think is an extremely smart company which will easily weather this storm. Purse shopping is like an addiction and women will buy it no matter what (for the most part). I really think COH is headed back to over $50 this year but I am sure that it may dip below $30 in the near term.

      That may be a good time to cover your short.

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