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  • all_i_do_is_make_monay all_i_do_is_make_monay May 8, 2008 10:24 AM Flag

    Nordstroms just missed big time

    Coach going down. Handbags are getting cut from the budget. Outlet stores only lower your margins.

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    • COH goes higher - you are like a little lemming running with the rest of the crowd to what you think is a no-brainer, can't lose position. Wrong.

      That is the time to go the other way, when you are dealing with a cash rich, always hit the numbers well run co. like COH.

      Increased volume in outlet stores will negate any margins issues - and the earnings will grow accordingly.

      Twice as many retailers have beat as missed during this big recession. The orice of gas means diddly to a woman who wnats a COH bag. If she is working, she will have it.

      Oh - that's right - unemployment has "skyrocketed" to 5.5%.

      Used to be that was a solid, healthy number relative to our economy.

      Now, that it is somehow considered bad, the lemmings run for the "sure thing" and short solid companies.

      Bad fundamentals based upon perception, and not historical fact in measuring economic health. And that goes for all the talking heads on the tube, too.

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