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  • gnomebah2 gnomebah2 Jul 23, 2008 10:36 PM Flag

    was in an outlet store

    You all held from 50 to 25 convinced in your position. " huh??????

    that's false. i know i didn't

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    • Gnome, you're mouthing off because you finally broken even today?

      I could find a homeless guy on the street that made more money than your entire holding period gathering aluminum cans out of garbage cans.

      At least Ball4 has been holding long before the company was already hot and not at a $10B market cap. That's called identifying an opportunity to get rich, not after the real money has already been made.

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      • your analysis is sometimes right... i admitted it... gave you props with aapl.

        ... but it is wrong now.

        you dismiss everything i say like i am the one who invented a value approach. who do you think you are?

        ... because you were short in a bear market and made money...

        big f-i n deal.... i could have been short 99 percent of the market and made money too. so you aren't special.

        it is hard to add on the way down. it takes phscological fortitude.

        but it pays off. i didn't write the book.

        but it appears that you and most others need to read it... and then have the balls to apply it. it is simple. it is hard. like most things worthwhile.

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