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  • gnomebah2 gnomebah2 Jul 23, 2008 11:02 PM Flag

    was in an outlet store

    your analysis is sometimes right... i admitted it... gave you props with aapl.

    ... but it is wrong now.

    you dismiss everything i say like i am the one who invented a value approach. who do you think you are?

    ... because you were short in a bear market and made money...

    big f-i n deal.... i could have been short 99 percent of the market and made money too. so you aren't special.

    it is hard to add on the way down. it takes phscological fortitude.

    but it pays off. i didn't write the book.

    but it appears that you and most others need to read it... and then have the balls to apply it. it is simple. it is hard. like most things worthwhile.

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    • oh yeh ... and by the way... if this runs to 37, i'm sure that i'll have out-gained most of your entire portfolio... in a few short weeks. then we will see what a truly huge joke you are.

    • Gnome, I fire when fired upon. You decided to kick this off by calling shorts fools, idiots and lemmings for months and months all the way down and refusing to acknowledge we had called it correctly.

      I've always said I'm willing to engage in a legit discussion, and have probably offered up as much info as anyone on this board in recent months. I don't need it and probably will disappear someday whether COH is at 10 or 50 - it's just entertainment, and this bullshit nonsense of name calling and stupid retorts just makes it less so. I know I shouldn't expect more from a fucking message board, so call me naive.

      I'm not special, but if it's that easy to make money on the short side during a bear market, why didn't you? Or at least sit on the sidelines until all this passes? It takes foresight and the conviction to act.

      Give me your rationale, I'm listening. But you need to take pause in your strategy when your fellow longs on the board disagree with it. If you can find anyone who believes they should have 75-100% of their entire portfolio in 1 position, let me know.

      Here's some friendly advice, many more people have gone broke concentrated in 1 position than have gotten rich. At least if I'm wrong, I'll be out with a loss and have capital to find the next opportunity. If you're wrong, you're eating Top Ramen in retirement. You sure you want to make that bet on a retailer?

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