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  • patient2invest patient2invest Jan 5, 2009 6:39 PM Flag

    walmart sell coach soon

    I could say that a "fairly new BMW" is GHETTO, but I won't make that judgement. That would sound too GHETTO-ISH to me. I'm not that bad mannered.

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    • Sure, a BMW with spinner rims and filled with bebes kids is GHETTO, no doubt. A lady wearing a coach bag, her credit card declined at a register with 3 bebes kids following her is GHETTO. I've seen the latter many times.

      If they start selling Coach at Costco, you can guarantee it will GHETTO-FY the brand.

      But anyhow, I know you're an anonymous bull, which clarifies your intentions for mocking me.

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      • Interesting article. Some discussion is due:

        >>Costco (NasdaqGS:COST - News) shoppers, who skew well-to-do, also are moving to the Kirkland store brand for basics like juice and detergent. But Costco CEO Jim Sinegal says his customers still show an appetite for big savings on certain designer goods.<<

        Us Costco shoppers are forced to buy Kirkland. Some of the name brands have been replaced or rebranded by them.

        >>"We think this is an ideal opportunity for us to find some of these luxury goods," Sinegal said.

        He specifically cited Coach (NYSE:COH - News) handbags as a product line he would love to stock. At a discount, he thinks they could be a good fit for Costco customers.<<

        I'm sure that he does wish that he could get his hands on Coach. As he had in the past before Coach cut off his pipeline for them.

        As for companies such as Macy's selling private label, they do it because they can reap higher mark-ups. My wife is still bad at them for discontinuing to stock one of her favorite designers.

        As for articles like this one, I have to "take it with a grain of salt" attached. There has been a barrage of retail doom and gloom articles lately. I never believe even half of what I read from so called business journalists. Manipulation may be involved; even when they quote "experts".

        As for my personal remarks to you, my intent is to illustrate that anything can be taken out of context and used for a purpose. So called "GHETTO" types usually buy fake handbags rather than purchase from a Coach store.

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