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  • waltersdone waltersdone Jan 23, 2013 8:45 PM Flag

    Negativity from the usual crowd, LMAO, try reality from the usual crowd!

    Flytard says .20 cents to 20 dollars. This loser will say anything to get back his money!
    Flytarded bought this scam at .70 cents and is freaking out knowing he will lose his investment without one more pump/push back to .70!!!!!!
    Run run run away!!!!!!!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! That's right SCAM!
    Management has been Feeding off this trough for years, and will continue to do so as long as they have dummies like ONE AND FLYTARDED! Mark my my words, 2013 will come and go with no sale!
    Management is not inept like some say, they know exactly what they are doing!!

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    • how did they get PMs out of chain of custody samples if this is a scam?

      Don't say inquarting because that's theory is bologne.

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 1 Reply to i_invest_utrade
      • invest, chain of custody is nothing but documenting how the samples are moved and protected. nobody but nobody actually checks that the the documentation is correct, inquarting is puting the metals of interest into the sample, from what I understand the measuing has been done by ecpn shareholders.

        there has been ecpn bulshi about iron interference invalidating assays. this is pure unadulterated bulshi. If you really want to now use NAA. It looks a the nuclei of the atoms. completely and totaly impossible for it to miss 1.2 opt Au_eq or anything 1% of that.

        ECPN refusal to use experts to confirm their nitwit claim is proof positive they are doing nothing but ripping you off

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