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  • flyboyvet flyboyvet Jun 5, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Clyde Smith, one of the best geologists on the planet! He believes ... ECPN, in the potential of the geology at El Capitan, otherwise he would have walked away a long time ago. But no, he has 5 labs working away at updating our Major Research Report (a 43-101 compliant instrument) in order to expedite the sale of the company. Soon enough, we'll know what cyanide vat leach extracts from this ore. And if it's "significant", like Chuck says, that could mean what? 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 ounces per ton of gold in this Clyde-enthusiastic-about PM property? Guess what. Any of those figures would make this find a MEGA-MINE.

    Want out because you doubt management lead by Chuck "Midas" Mottley and Clyde "World Renown Geologist" Smith? Than get out! But (and this is my opinion), if you want to turn a few shares into 10s or 100s or 1000s of thousands of dollars, stay put with your position or if you can, add to it. That's what I think. Clyde's finished report, according to Frank, is in the works and will be made available IN IT'S ENTIRETY ON THE EL CAP WEBSITE any day now. NOT something I'd expect them to say unless they already know what they've got and the cy-leached OPT is going to be GREAT! LOI should follow accordingly. Hope 72 isn't part of the celebration. He's the Benedict Arnold of El Capitan. The gallows would seem the most appropriate punishment.

    PS. Where the heck is "the gallows" anyway??? LOL :)

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    • Fly, every one of your predictions about the next pr have failed to move the SP in a positive way. It is always, "two more months and we will release everything" with these guys. We have talked numerous times in the past and nothing of recent development shows this to be close to a sale. We were using Inspectorate Labs a long time ago to run samples, that was from the last time management stated that when that assaying was completed they would release the results. The only thing I know is that we were using them because I called and talked to the project manager and confirmed they had El Cap samples BUT he did not tell me what the results were. From management's lack of communicating those results I would guess they were not favorable. Why is this time different, because we are using 5 labs instead of one?


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      • Donk - I always said you made some good, well informed posts on the forum. I hear what you're saying. They screwed up big time wasting so much time on Sundancer. But I think Chuck finally found a way to make leaching work, and that's what Clyde will show in his report. Unless you believe Chuck's a liar! That his last PR nothing but a total falsehood! I don't. So for now, I'm supporting their efforts. But I must ask - If someone doesn't believe they can get the job done, why in the world wouldn't they sell? Better 16 cents than zero!

        I see nothing to be gained from fighting with you, so I won't. I prefer to remember the times we PM'd and had good interactions. My choice to trust in management's ability to finally get this done is my prerogative. I won't deny you yours. If you are still in ... I wish you the best of luck!

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    • Neither SEC or mining companies consider a major research report any thing more then paid for hyperbole no matter who pens there signature to it.... No where has it been written that Clyde Smith is one of the best geologists on earth, no where.... If Clyde is that good, why has it taken 12 years to prove up this dirt?

    • " Major Research Report (a 43-101 compliant instrument" Don't lie is in no way shape or form compliant... you need to be truthful. Had it been compliant, it would have been reported and verified as accurate......but there is no precision, no reproduceability, no release of data that is solely definitive.
      The spread of data casts doubt over all done....ranging from 0.0 to your 3.42 ounces on 144 million tonnes. yourself a favor....drop that illegal term it is not a 43-101, nor is it remotely compliant. It embarrasses your dignity.... a Maj Research Report works fine because that is what it is, a selective data outlook, that will likely shed further doubts. GL

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      • Sorry Mitt, but the report that's being updated is what it is. From the last 10-K:

        "In 2007, ECPN engaged Dr. Smith to prepare a report to “provide an explanation of the work conducted on the El Capitan Gold-Platinum Project ... and to summarize the results of the geologic investigations ...” In this report, dated April 16, 2007, Dr. Smith states, “This resource [the El Capitan Property] qualifies as a ‘measured resource’ based upon the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 guidelines. Preliminary hydrometallurgical extraction results indicate potentially acceptable levels of recovery of both gold and platinum."

        Clyde's words, not mine. And according to what we've been told, it is this report that Clyde is now updating. What other "Major Research Report" have we done? None! The last one was this 2007 report, in which Clyde states; " ... qualifies as a ‘measured resource’ based upon the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 guidelines". Please give Clyde a call if you need him to clarify his reporting terminology. Thanks! :)

        PS. Mitt - you know that this will not go beyond "compliance" and into "certified" classification because El Cap will not be submitting it to the Canadian government for their approval. This is standard with many junior miners in the US. Now you know that Mitt. It's below you to cloud the issue with gobbledygook. Thanks for taking the time to qualify your position!

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    • Fliar.. Midas is quite appropriate for Chuck. Like him, Midas never found gold, it only changed after he touched it.

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      • Not really trying to be tough guy here fly, just enjoy a lively debate. My work and proximity to a major naval base bring me close to a lot of naval personnel, seals included, who as neighbors too, are life long friends. Stood toe to toe with an angry seal (neighbor) who had heard just of bit of story about pictures, posing and his daughters. Pretty funny misunderstanding, to long to write up. All resolved and 20 years later, we still stay in touch as friends. Perhaps we'll share a laugh and a story when the issue of ECPN is resolved. I wish you well. Back to the match..

      • heads, while chukie turned the gold in shareholders pockets into coal, you gotta admit that he turned the coal in larry's pockets into gold.

    • BTW - Relax 72. I know you. Now you will excoriate me because I jokingly said "the gallows". It was a joke 72. I want you to Live Long and Prosper, but given how ECPN causes you so much stress, I would think your health would improve if you re-examined your portfolio (if you know what I mean).

      Calm down 72! You are a heart attack waiting to happen, and I DO NOT wish that to become your fate. Take charge of your life 72, and you will be much happier! :) :) :) Like me!

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    • But fly you said - "1.58 OPT for Au & Ag and Proven Tech @ 3.37 OPT for Au.
      3. The huge amount of silver they are getting 150 to 190 oz. per ton of head ore (from 141 mill. lbs. Measured Reserve)." How could this possibly go down to 0.2 opt Au_eq. And you call 72t a liar!! Don't blame it on poor leach recoveries. Cyanide leaching gets very good recoveries from oxide ore. There are no sulfides at el cap

      or shall I get my son who graduated from there to look into it and post it all over the internet

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