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  • ssleehp ssleehp Jun 15, 2007 10:26 AM Flag

    where, oh WHERE, did all the SHORT posts go?

    ROCM is only a pressure cooker?
    No way, ROCM is a big volcano!
    To be volcano, more hot magma is need to build up at underground magma chamber.
    ROCM need time to be big volcano.
    And we will see beautiful eruption after that.

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    • I agree. If there is a buyout offer I just we do not settle for less than what we are worth. The mgmt need to buyback shares, settle for nothing less than $50/share in buyout offer, and aggressively expand in Europe & Asia. Those who exit and sell this great ROCM will regret. We are going high and higher. This smal upticks are just warnings of the 8 point rector earthquake..
      hold & fasten your seat belts.....i the next weeks we are going back to where we belong!!

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      • allea1212-yes of course you are right allea1212! this stock is a pressure cooker alright. and soon the shorts will cover just like they did with abbi,lifc,hwcc etc. etc. etc. rocm is a no brainer,it is a money tree! it is a mother lode just waiting to be mined. it is an oil gusher just waiting to be pumped. the more you buy rocm now the more you make. with the impending law suit settlement,or possible buy out by someone big an abbott,or jnj or gilead,the stock right here is a goose with a golden egg. the kind of egg that would make even the tsar romanoffs jealous! all aboard the gravy train choo choo choo better run quick and grab on and hold on tight!