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  • market_td market_td Aug 5, 2013 1:18 AM Flag

    I actually bought this at the IPO

    Then suffered through the drop, and averaged down when it hit the 5's.
    It patterned for quite a while (back and forth/up and down) between 5 and 7+ , then this recent run...anybody else here from the start? I have not taken profits yet, have you?

    If they do not announce a divvy by then, my thinking is to sell at 20 and ride the extra free shares up...thoughts?

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    • I've been here for a while too. Average cost of my shares is $7.80, after buying it at over $10 before it went down to $5. I think I followed NQ a little after "tradestar2012." Nice to finally make a profit on NQ.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I've been here a while. Bought around 9 to start, got some in 6 through 8 over a year ago and im averaged at 7.78. Only have 3.7k shares as i put most my cash into this stock at the time (im only 25) but I'm glad to have stuck with it. Sold 500 shares once and regretting's been a wild ride but glad to be in long term.
      Also glad to see gogs getting burned. Reading his #$%$ for the past year has been rather annoying.

    • Wow. you've been here longer than me. Possibly even Banco? I bought in at the prior spike back in May 12. Then averaged down aggressively when it hit $5-7. I took some profits in the $8-13 range (thinking it would dip), but still hold a grip load of stock as a long term gain for me at this point.

      What sort of divvy are you thinking of? A stock dividend? A cash dividend makes no sense. Why would you dividend out cash so soon after an IPO? Cash dividends only make sense if you have no other growth opportunities and believe returning cash is the best option. That hardly seems to be the current case.

      I think selling at $20 is premature. Fair market is likely closer to $30-40 than $20. Just look at all the chinese internet / mobile stocks that have rebounded. They all trade in the +30-40 fwd p/e range.

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