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  • imdaman20072002 imdaman20072002 Oct 1, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Weak seeking alpha bash article this am. Scare journalism at its best with no basis in fact

    Shorts are attempting to cover their butts with garbage story and scary headlines. The good news is the article bears out how up against the wall shorts really are betting against the NQ GLOBAL JUGGERNAUT!
    You cannot stop this train, you can only hope to get off if you are short!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • short is very persistent, they keep releasing false headlines via SA to get blood in the water, in hope that the rest will be sell off by marginal investors.
      On Aug 24th, they have released this headline: "NQ Mobile: Disputing The Short Thesis Of A Receivables Problem ". Although the content is completely opposite with the headline, but they banked on lazy investors don't read the whole story. They have a little success last week, stock drops a bit, so they have doubled down on their effort to get more blood in the water by releasing "NQ Mobile: A Suspicious Chinese Stock".
      This is an act of financial terrorism, SA and these writers should be jailed for slandering and coordinating deceptive practices which cause investors financial loss.

    • The article is intentionally misleading if not ignorant. It will only help both longs and shorts to clarify the following points.
      1. Difference between "an app is available for downloading" aka "soft launch" and "the official release of an app to the general public through press."
      2. Pre-installation. In the 20-F, it said " pre-install our products on different types and models of their mobile phones." The latest development is "...that it has entered into broad contracts with ... to preload mobile security solutions onto the manufacturers' smartphones." Note the difference. The products are evolving into a broader solutions and the mobile phones are evolving too, so the collaborations need to evolve too and that collaborations need effort and good will from both sides. That said, a press release on the latest achievement is well earned.

      The other points worth no more words.

      Strong buy if you have funds, otherwise hold fast and steady.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to yiqiemail
      • In case any one interested in the accusation "Shady Past Business Practices?" which the author seemed no sure with a question mark. NQ addressed it in its F1 filing, “... any negative publicity in relation to our services or products, regardless of its veracity, could harm our brand image ... For example, a live program broadcast by China Central Television Station, or CCTV, ... we do not believe that we have committed any wrongdoings and we plan to publicly explain our practices in an objective manner, ..."

        Henry Lin said in his micro-blog "on the road to greatness, there is no lack of difficulty and suffering, and attacks by rumors and lies...nonetheless we will move forward, and leave the enemies in fear."

        On Mar 15, 2012, NQ was invited by CCTV to help dismantle a major malpractice by some rogue software vendors and helped advocate consumer protections.

    • Goldbaum Research is one man hedge fund company. Same person uses tradestar2012 and break8me on yahoo message board. NQ should sue this writer personally, and SA for promoting, and harboring writers who made accusation of company fraudulant acts like " secretly infecting their own users with viruses and then charging them to remove the virus". SEC should prosecute these financial terrorists so they won't do harm to public financially. Show the world your hard evidences, and stop referencing other articles to make bogus claims.

    • wondering why the stock is down so much as the article indeed leaves much to be desired - the stock has been able to squeeze despite much more substantiated fraud allegiations in the past.

      that said I think the author is right and the company is a fraud as evidenced by the sudden CFO change a few weeks ago which hasn't been explained by the company.

    • NQ is a GLOBAL growth stock ..increasing profit by over 50% Year over year and revenue 100% Year over year. It is a great buy with target of 40. Easy double in a year... !!! Way to go Longs !! It is NOT only a chinese stock.. they operate worldwide.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agree. I think we all realize how ridiculous and unsubstantiated the article is.

      But for me the key message is: shorts are so desperate that they need to revert to that kind of cheap tactics to brind down the share price. Really drives home the point that there really is no thesis behind the 9m short ADS.

    • Short thesis: Companies own press releases paint company in positive light.

    • banco_central_de_costa_rica banco_central_de_costa_rica Oct 1, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

      agreed the guy writing is reaching for straws, notice he does not dare mention rev's or growth rates. The pikers are desperate!

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