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  • vermut12 vermut12 Oct 2, 2013 2:10 AM Flag

    Need to take action against unfair articles on Seeking Alpha

    I posted a reply to the recent NQ article on Seeking Alpha in the comments section:
    "None of the arguments you provided in this article can justify shorting. Basically you want to short it because you saw that it's very volatile so you collected all the rumors you could from various forums and put them here. Though it can still be shorted occasionally for short periods of time based on technical signals because the price action is very volatile using your article to start a short position is suicide. I hope none of the newbies act based on your article. Whatever old might be the news the company delivers impressive growth of over 100%. It's a story stock for many years. It will be trading at $30 in several months. Mark my words."

    Today I have received an e-mail from Seeking Alpha saying that my message was deleted. Here is the reason:
    "We wanted to let you know that we’ve deleted the post copied at the end of this email and explain why. It was deleted because it contains an unsubstantiated allegation against an author or another user. We welcome (or even encourage!) disagreement with the perspectives offered by others on the site. We ask, however, that you provide evidence to support your arguments for how and why you disagree, rather than impugning the author’s motivation."

    Obviously the author reported my message for stating that he had collected his information on various forums on the web. I guess he is not just a basher but a basher with teeth. So I am writing a reply to SA staff with reasons why his article is manipulation and should be removed. The more constructive complaints there are the higher the chances he will be barred from posting any BS again. So I invite people to participate.

    Just ideas for why his article must be classified as manipulation:
    1. Presenting misleading facts not supported by sources
    2. Concealing true facts
    3. False allegations

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    • Vermut,
      All of that articles is just noise.
      it happened before 9VIPS) and will happen again.
      Buy treating it seriously and responding to that noise you are only creating more noise.
      the stock has over 100% yearly EPS growth and that is the main point because the price follows earnings.
      Today NQ is on the top of the IBD's Top 50 list.
      any move down in price is just the opportunity to buy more of the stock.
      Stock breaking out from the High, Tight Flag pattern go 100 -200% up.
      The stock triggered already the 20% (8 weeks hold rule) IBD.
      Just do not listen to the noise and watch the stock on a weekly chart and watch that "magic line' - 10SMA.
      That is all what you have to do.
      Stay calm and watch your account grow.
      I am 100% invested in NQ and I am not worried a bit about those young and eager faces from the Seeking Alpha writing all that nonsense.
      Do they try to manipulate?
      But again , this is just noise

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I see where you are coming from, but I'm not sure the SA article can be considered outright manipulation. If anything, its really just poorly researched with the resulting analysis a reflection of that poor research. eg. garbage in garbage out. I did not read it to significant detail, but from what I saw, there are no blatant lies, just a lot of selective information excluded.

    • It seems strange that when the hatchet job report from J Capital came out saying NQ was only worth $3-$4 nothing happended and the stock moved higher. But this article saying their music radar app and the preload deals were old news caused it to fall 4% on a strong market day. Those allegations aren't even that serious. This probably means the article was cordinated with a short attack.

      • 2 Replies to si_loranpaz
      • Today's article was just bad. Poorly researched and lacking in substance. I doubt the article was the primary force driving the stock down. It seemed to me to be more of technical correction on the stock with the article serving as the initial catalyst. We had a quick move from $19 to $24. The recent price action seems to be more consolidation than people buying into a poorly constructed hit piece. The Jcapital report was better written than the SA article and as you noted, during the Jcapital hit piece, the stock reacted downwards for a split second before continuing its march upwards.

      • kornyous Oct 2, 2013 3:21 AM Flag

        They will keep shorting this stock until who knows when. Just remember one thing: Noone is really selling this babe. Short interest speaks for itself, besides you see the same pattern every single day. 30-45 minutes after open, a big dive; they want panic and its not working for them :D

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