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  • itwillgoup itwillgoup Oct 24, 2013 9:55 PM Flag

    The good news

    NQ was accused of fraud before, they came out with s strong rebuttal and the stock recovered.

    If they come out with a statement like "We are forming an independent committee to look into alligations by MW" then the stock is dead. That is what CCME did and they were never heard from again.

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    • It was trading close to its 200 sma back then. Now it's a different story. As it was flying high.

      As I said the only hope for a quick reversal is if a major investment back will come and say that they believe that the company is trustworthy and is doing legit business. Obviously a reputable investment bank has more credibility than some MW research.

      Many folks got spooked by this disaster today. Many will probably stay away from Chinese stocks forever (this is how I am going to do personally as I lost a lot).

      But an advice for everyone who got butchered here today: always have a stop loss order for every stock you own just for such occasions.

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      • I feel your pain but I don't think any major investment firms will come forth on this one. I just don't think this company is reputable enough for a major investment firm to risk their reputation on. As it is, it has essentially 0 coverage by any reputable analyst which made it an easy target. It probably won't go to 0 any time soon but I don't see this getting back to 20s ever again.

      • Like I said in my previous post Streetsweeper did the exact same BS article on QCOR and it dropped 70%+ before it rebounded (it took about a year!!).

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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