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  • portfoliomanager2013 portfoliomanager2013 Oct 25, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    Muddy Waters tweets today during the CC seemed to ask questions with uncertainty rather than provide answers ...

    Anyone else feel the same way ? They were rather strange tweets IMO. He almost sounds hacked that his most recent target (AMT) didn't work out well at all after having called (AMT) a fraud.

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    • Yes I agree with you.
      Good point you made, very perceptive indeed.

      Carlson Block and his" mud water" group were only asking questions.

      Never once did they provided a substantial concrete answer with real tangible evidence... only just hear say.

      And you know how the saying goes is very easy to ask question, but answers are more difficult. Any idiot can fling around multiple question, not even waiting for answers, juts shooting them out. As Carlson Block did to day
      what makes it more heinous is the fact for days before he took up a position of at least 10$ million short , and never ever contacted the company to get to the real truth.
      If he was sincere , truthful, honest , he would first contact NQ and let them provide answers and then check those carefully over 6 months
      This was all a CARLSON BLOCK SCAM, to rip off retail investors in the street, WITH LIES AND GET THEM TO PANIC SELL, and then cash in on his short! using FALSE INFORMATION, DISTROTION, AND ACTUAL LIES. Carlson Block is guilty of fraud, No doubt of that.
      Now the real question is after NQ investigation will SEC and FBI indite, and prosecute Carlson Block and close down his "mud water' gang.

      They are a gang, he sure behaved like a gangster.

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