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  • pcrenegade1973 pcrenegade1973 Oct 26, 2013 1:54 AM Flag

    Really confused by all this!

    I don't understand how a company can just put out a damaging claim like this, without even first meeting with or talking to the company to request that they first respond to what your research says. MW claims its research shows that NQ is a fraud, but yet, MW never reached out to NQ for any sort of reaction or response to their research before MW made it public. So MW releases this information, NQ is blindsided, the stock tanks, and MW collects a truckload of profit from their short position. Meanwhile, MW goes on Twitter and attacks NQ in a really petty, unprofessional fashion. For a company that's supposed to be reputable, going on Twitter and trashing NQ was very disreputable, and puzzling. To me, this is very suspect of MW. I would question their tactics and motivations here (other than to make money of course). So what if there's an investigation and the MW report turns out to be false, or incomplete? Then what? The company and the stock have already taken a big hit. I think before you make a report like this public, knowing how detrimental it could be to the person or company in the report, you should at least, make an attempt to make sure you have their full story as well as yours, and then if it's not satisfactory, you publish your report, along with their response to it. It's called being fair and balanced. I don't even own the stock. But I've been following this story and trying to make sense of it. I do own a couple of other Chinese companies, and this NQ situation is bringing the entire Chinese sector down, because investors are starting to worry that other Chinese companies may be targeted.

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