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  • carrix_fool carrix_fool Oct 29, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    Who really needs anti-virus on their smart phone?

    Ask yourself that question and know where NQ is headed. Mobile anti-virus is a made-up market, created mainly to get suckers to pay for something they don't need. Android and iOS have a very different security model than Windows and don't need anti-virus.

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    • "android and iOS have a very different security model than Windows and don't need anti-virus." About the stupidest thing I ever heard. No wait...
      "can someone delete an app without owner knowing? Think about what you said." No wait...
      "Unless someone has physical access to my phone, there is no way at all for someone to install malware on my phone without my knowledge."

      You keep maxing out the stupid meter. By your logic nobody can give you a virus or delete apps unless they have physical access to your PC too right? NO WAIT, its because ANDROID has a different security model than windows! What do you think your smartphone is? a really small computer. You think hackers can't hack anything other than Windows? You never browse the internet on your phone?

      Its even funnier since you use yourself as an example like a 1 sample set statistic suddenly makes you the authority.

    • So, . . . How long have you been working as a contractor for the NSA? Guess you enjoy listening in to all of our mobile phone conversations and reading our text messages . . .


      Oh, yeah . . . you don't need computer anti-virus as well. Nor secure communications, scrambling, etc . . .

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    • When we started using are cell phone/PDA for E commerce. Next

    • Very naive statement you are making. You haven't traveled the world or been to second ir third world countries. You have been sheltered in the U.S. That's a ridiculous statement.

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    • People said that about computer anti-virus and yet company's like Mcafee earn billions. in the not so distant future EVERYTHING will be done from a phone or tablet so you better believe people will want security just like people have on their computers currently.

    • From NQ's site

      Malware Market Movers

      China: With 6.7 million devices infected in the first half of 2013, a 43 percent increase over 1Q to 2Q 2012, China continued to be the leading market for mobile infections.
      Ukraine: Growing 485 percent from 1Q to 2Q, Ukraine saw the most dramatic increase in mobile infections. Russia and Ukraine together now account for almost 20 percent of the world’s mobile infections.
      Saudi Arabia: With infections increasing more than 28 percent, malware in Saudi Arabia now represents almost 6 percent of the world’s total.
      Southeast Asia: With Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all making the top ten, Southeast Asia dominates the list of most infected markets. This region represents about 12 percent of the world’s total mobile malware infections.
      USA: Although mobile infections in 2Q vs. 1Q 2013 dropped 63 percent, the USA maintained a spot in the top 10 most infected markets. At #4, the US accounts for 6.5 percent of the world’s malware infections.
      India: The most dramatic reduction in total malware infections was seen in India, with an 88 percent decrease from Q1 to Q2, yet India remained the #3 most infected market.

    • Actually i don't trust antivirus stuff either, but the need for it is real. Smartphones are a huge liability they have tons of personal information and more of it is being put into them every day. I don't believe software and OS's on them is anywhere near as robust as desktop operating systems. People are looking for new ways to get into peoples phones everyday. How effective these phone antivirus programs are I don't know but there is a real need for them.

    • Good question, if you use smart phone to make a phone call, then case is closed. But if you play games (Poker game money transfers ), check for your bank/brokage balance, check your email, pay for your meal, then you need effective mobile anti-virus apps.. Mobile phone doesn't have large storage memory like PC. the apps has to be compact but effective. NQ apps hit right on...

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      • I do all these things you mentioned and more. I have used my iphone for 5years and my wife's galaxy for 4 years, no threat whatsoever. Besides, there are tons of free options if you are anal about anti-virus. The key to not get virus on phone is to only install app from official marketplace and never install an app that has less than 100k downloads. Easy as that.

        The only people I know who would pay for mobile anti-virus are NQ longs. LOL. Wake up! You have all been swindled. There is no way in h*** NQ has enough sales to support their market cap. Their main revenue is from pre-installs which users forgot to call in to cancel, much like the old music club here in the state 10 years ago.

        The biggest tell-tale will come in the form of much lowered Q3 financial numbers. Watch and learn.

    • Everybody in China and Asia. With NSA and others looking into your business everybody.

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