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  • cjmaranto cjmaranto Oct 31, 2013 1:36 AM Flag

    Mr. Block may go to prison this time

    After doing some research there was unusual volume in PUT purchases on NQ a day before Muddy Waters issued their report. Now that the Muddy Waters report is proving to be false and if Mr. Block or any of his family purchased PUTS on October 23rd he will go to prison for fraud. I am sure the Justice Dept. and FBI have also put this together.

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    • During this, I saw a number of moves to sue NQ. Has anyone filed to sue MW? In particular, If NQ response is real then MW report was obvious stock manipulation. Has SEC started an investigation against MW?

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    • This actually is not out of the realm of possibility, though it's a long shot. If anything does happen, it'll be a while. Because the SEC will have to do full due diligence on the subject to confirm wrongdoing.

      I personally did file a complaint on SEC's website. Within this complaint, I cited a couple sources which referenced this unusual put volume like you are referencing to as an indication of illegal activity on the part of Mr. Block.

      And I actually received a response back today from the SEC which thanked me for my report. It didn't seem like the standard copy/paste response since it actually made reference to parts of my complaint in fair detail.

      Obviously, the SEC, as part of government policy, cannot confirm or deny whether they are investigating. If they were to do so, it could tip off potential targets, such as Mr. Block, and prevent the SEC from acquiring the necessary information to indict him on charges.

      If you were an investor of NQ prior to the MW debacle, then I would recommend you file a report with the SEC as well. The greater the number, the better. Just make sure they are courteous, factual and concise. And you need to point out possible violations that MW committed that the SEC can actually indict him on. Just saying "he lost me a lot of money" is not something SEC can do anything about individually.

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      • if you could show your filing to SEC here that would make it easy for others to use the same frame work to file the similar complaint. We need to build stronger case against Carson Block and his accomplishes. Clearly, this is a grand thief case with greed motive, by using false allegations to create opportunity to manipulating NQ stock price.
        Evidences: Large naked short position, huge surge in put options prior to Carson Block deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operation of the market and create artificial, false or misleading allegations based on MW bogus research that was never validated. Public appearances statement by Carson Block inconsistent with various claims such as MW interviewed 800 people in various regions of China within 2 months as a base of NW thesis, at the same time CB also claimed that he can't return to China for personal safety reason.

      • Fortunately I missed the crash, but I have followed this stock for some time looking for an entry point. I did my own due diligence on the stock and after reading the Muddy Waters report I concluded it was BS even before NQ confirmed their cash position and deposits.

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