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  • financefred financefred Nov 24, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Quality of research

    Carson can't actually go to China himself to confirm or disprove any of the allegations he made because the Chinese might beat him up. Since he can't physically GO to Standard Chartered Bank to count the cash himself the cash must not exist. He would prefer NQ to mail the cash to him parcel post. Since he doesn't have an address NQ can just mail the cash to his Dad's house so he can count it in his Dad's basement. If NQ would please mail him the cash ASAP Block can confirm it's existence. What kind of RESEARCH firm takes a huge short position via Puts and then puts out their "research"? Why does Block use the word research in the name of his firm? Why not call his biz what it is? Muddy Waters Short and Report.

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    • Finance Fred. Great post as always. His firm name should be Muddy Waters Short and Distort. His reporting is poor at best. He does do a great a great job at distorting.

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    • a) Why did NQ acquire 10 companies (an NYSE record) and only talk about NationSky. Who are these other companies and what value do they bring to the table. IMO, they are nothing more than dubious vehicles to move assets (stock and cash) out of the company.
      b) Why did NQ spend a mere $2.2 mil on capex over the past year? How do they service nearly 500 mil users and develop such great mobile technology on a budget reserved for my local public library.
      c) Why didn't NQ file suit against Muddy Waters in the USA for invoking 10b-5? Why the useless suit filed in China, when it's shares trade on the NYSE? Worried about the discovery phase?
      d) Why was NQ's mobile security software used by nearly 500 mil users dropped from the top 25 ranked by AV-TEST, the industry global standard "Consumer Reports" of IT security?
      e) Mgt boasted that the would buy $3mil worth of ADRs on the open market, but gave themselves a 6 month window/, why? Chinese banks will take their class A shares as collateral for the loan to buy the stock, so mgt need not risk their own cash. If there was real conviction, they would use their own $$.
      f) NQ "independent" committee retains Deloitte China to review MW allegations. Deloitte also served TTS (Tile Shops) in the same capacity, any surprise?
      g) Why can't a co-ceo with a $100mil (pre-collapse) compensation package name more than one province in China NQ does business in?
      i) How did NQ magically "recondition" A/R's by over 2000 basis points in a single quarter. NQ's average DSO in the 140 range was the key concern voiced in the emergency conference call summoned after the MW report. Did they send the goon squad, or massage the numbers to alleviate this top investor concern? Why did it take a MW debacle to motivate mgt to clean up their DSO's to such extremes?
      j) How did NQ acquire 500 mil users (2x more than Twitter)? To get to 525 mil users, you start by counting each phone pre-loaded with NQ bloatware as one user. Then you count each pre-loaded bloatware app on every phone separately as a unique user. So not counting enterprise "users", each phone counts as 6 users. The lunacy in the scheme of things is that most counted users aren't really using NQ's bloatware

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      • a) Did you listen to the analyst presentation? They talked about their acquisitions and the value they bring, not just NationSky.
        b) Outsourcing is the answer.
        c) Do you have MW's US address? Is there one? Cannot be served without it.
        d) Did you even bother asking AV-TEST? No didn't think so. Well I did. Go do you own DD.
        e) Seriously? If you were going to buy $3Million worth of shares, would you announce beforehand the exact time you were going to do that? Nobody does this, you would be played and taken to the cleaners.
        f) So Deloitte not good enough for you. Who then?
        g) Because he is US based. Had you asked the other CEO, he would have answers for you. The other CEO probably cannot recite all the states where NQ does business in the US either. Big deal.
        h) You dont have a h) straight to I). Having trouble with the alphabet?
        i) So you complain that DSO are too high and hence fraud, and now that it is coming down this is fraud? Are you serious?
        j) They are not 500 mil users. They explained that and in fact quote the number of active users. Only in your mind can this be interpreted as fraud.

      • dude, either you are a shortie or ignorant. Please do not waste our precious time with your dumb questions.

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    • As I told you guys so many times that MW was set up by Chinese Companies. They know that MW tries to go after Chinese Companies for fraud so they paid people to do fraud research and gave to MW to put in public. At the end, the research report was not truth and MW lost creditibilty from people. MW company will go under water.

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    • he should be hanged by american investors for being using dirty trick to create fears to make money on expense of honest investors who were misinformed sold on the fabricated news. i have no problem of anyone shorting nq if they believe its business is not good and its value going down as a result of that. nq is a solid company and it has really business and it's business is doing very well. it is international company and here are some of its customers . Here is a small samples ..... NQ has been moving its security software onto smartphones from Verizon (VZ) and Mexican telecom América Movíl (AMX), as well as marketing to consumers in retail stores that sell MetroPCS and Cricket phones. “Having partners like the people in Dallas, and just being able to meet them, has been helpful,” says Scott Moorehead, CEO of Verizon retailer The Cellular Connection, adding that he doesn’t know if he’d have cut a deal with a company based only in Asia. In June, NQ announced a deal with Target (TGT) to promote its security apps in 1,500 stores throughout the U.S.

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    • You are correct. He claims he has people who did the research but none of it was boots on the ground instead it was chance guesses sort of like closing your eyes and holding wet cooked spaghetti and saying it must be worms.

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