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  • bud_rolfs bud_rolfs Feb 12, 2014 11:54 AM Flag

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me or could there possibly be a correlation between the NQ assault on the $18PTR and the sudden DELUGE of applengineer posts? Wouldn't it make sense if you were paying a basher to put them on a crusade at a critical stock price point? I think it is pretty clear even to the non-technically astute what is going to happen here once this $18 price poinr gives way finally! I know it. YOU know it! and THEY know it!

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    • What does the chart say about the close over 18 today? I am not sure I believe in the chart thing but that may be because I haven't studied charting like you. However, I am interested in whatever you say.

    • Nope...It's not just you. My theory is that Applewhatsits is Carson Block. If you have read the disclaimer on his site he says he may be short, he may be long, he may be right, he may be wrong and you can read his research but caveat emptor...Don't blame him if you take a position on his "recommendation" and you lose money. It ain't his fault see? So whatever he says he is doing...take it with a grain of may be "opposite day"...By the way the truth is something he is not fond of...Lets look at WAB Capital...TIDAL ATM's...OLAM...EDU...SPRD...AMT...FSIN...etc.

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      • It's not Carson himself but one of his co-conspirators assigned to beat back the stock with all the bashing while they try to preventing a break-out on the chart by dumping blocks of shares. Come on, what honest seller would recklessly dump their shares? Wouldn't they let out the shares in a way to get the best price? It ain't working. Wow, are they in big trouble.
        When I look at the chart with a rising floor and turning up towards the recent high it screams "BUY" to me.
        I do wonder why one of the big shorts doesn't turn on the others and not only cover their shorts but go long in a big way and force a squeeze. It you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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    • He is relentless, and you would think if he was who he says he is, he would have something better to with his time than #$%$ into the wind here!

    • Great Observation Bud, Appleengineer just popped up as we were crossing the 18 PTR, He is a paid basher working in some boiler room for pennies a post.

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    • The shorts' strategy is to short the shares desperately in order to avoid price monumentally acceleration, in the mean time buy call to hedge the risk. The institution investors are still in semi accumulation and semi -squeeze mode, but also make effect to increase shares softly to prevent those call profitable.

    • Once the short covering rally commences..we will not hear from people like applengineer ever again.

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