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  • chinafraud chinafraud Jun 29, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    Muddy Waters Wins On Every Case He Presents


    Its all about the money.
    He rakes in the cash after every huge decline in PPS.
    Only fools say he loses.
    He laughing all the way to the bank right now with NQ investors money.
    He can be 90% wrong and 10% right and still be correct. 10% fraud is a fraud.
    He's been racking in cash for years. He still standing today. Like it or not.
    A warning to all that invests in these possible frauds. The List of frauds is long.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You have just defined CB as a classic stock manipulator. If so, He will most likely be criminally charged within six months and end up in jail .

    • You an idiot!! carson block has been wrong the last 7 times in a row...and if you doubt what i'm saying, go on wikipedia and see for yourself if you think i'm making it up. just type in carson block and the facts are all there.

    • are u working for him? CB is ....."homeless" now!!!

      "Muddy Waters Complaint From SEC Website...When Short Selling Goes Too Far ..

      A perfect example of this is the current controversy between NQ Mobile (symbol NQ) and Carson Block of "Muddy Waters Research". Mr. Block has made unsubstantiated, false and defamatory comments about the company resulting in a severe drop in the stock price as well as 2.4 million dollars in costs to the company for defense of their business. Mr. Block is known for taking short position in companies and subsequently publishing articles designed to drive stock prices down resulting in substantial profits for himself as well as others short sellers which he has enlisted in his efforts. When companies attempt to file litigation against him, it's found that he has no address for service and no listed home address. These practices clearly fall under the category of illegal manipulation of stock prices and should be dealt with on an immediate basis."

    • MW never needs to be right to make money. All CB/MW needs is to front run, publish hit piece, ride the panic, then cover. Nowhere in any of this process is being correct required.

    • So, if you feel that way, short as much as you can idiot loser. You have no position, so short everything you have on NQ, and stop your BS garbage posting.

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