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  • hairyassgreek hairyassgreek Jun 30, 2014 6:36 PM Flag

    Let me try and understand what the idiot Evan keeps saying.

    He says he has lost no money unless he sells. Hmmm interesting way to look at losing you a z z.

    If you house went down from $500,000 down to $250,000 you lost no money. Yeah right.
    Go to the bank and tell them you had $200,000 in your stock account but now it is only worth $100,000
    but since you didn't sell yet they should still loan you the same amount as they would have before
    your NQ tanked. They would laugh you out of the door and ask you to take you business elsewhere.
    They would consider you a risk to deal with. Way to stupid, but Evan you can keep telling yourself you
    have not lost anything.
    Even your followers on this board have to shake their heads at this one.
    Curious. Did you finish High School? Just wondering.

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    • Oh, pooooor brain-dead a%scrack and "my wife went to China!!" kittylitter. your so-called "analysis" of what the collateral value of a house would be if its market value declined simply has nothing to do with stock ownership, sorry, because there is no loan involved. So let me try to explain in the simplest possible language I can, and if you read it out loud while moving your lips, maybe you will understand.

      There is a difference between value and realized loss. obviously, if the price of NQ stock drops from say 20 to 7, the market value of say 1k shares decreases from $20k to $7k. If the holder then sells at 7, he or she has actually lost $13k.

      On the other hand, if the holder is patient and the stock price then returns to $20, he or she has lost nothing merely because the value had decreased at one point to 7. if the price then goes to 25 or 30, there is a corresponding profit. Those of us who long NQ (like you are SUPPOSED to be, as^crack, with your mythical call options, remember those?) know that the value of our holdings have decreased, yet we have not incurred the losses until we sell; and the amount of gain or loss cannot be determined until that sale.

      If you two market mavens cannot understand the difference, all you reveal is your own severe limitations. Here endeth the lesson.

    • How is Costa Rica treating you

    • You are so wrong on this. If you bought a house $500,000 peak valued then went down to $250,000 and sold at $250,000 then you've loss $250,000. But, if you know housing is going to go backup again within the next lets say 5 years and you haven't sold the house by the end of the 6th years your house will worth $550,000. Instead of sold at a loss, you just hold and make back your investment + profits. hairyassgreek you need to actually buy stock to understand this. DUMBAZZ!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • He does sound rather dumb with his continued argument he is not losing money.
      He is a prime example of someone losing money.

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