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  • applengineer applengineer Aug 1, 2014 8:44 AM Flag

    What's wrong with Chinese mentality?

    Just 60 days ago, NQ mgt manufactures a $500 million valuation for FL Mobile - then 10 days later, another $500 million valuation is manufactured for NationSky - and then three days ago, a "buy-out" offer from an obscure Chinese (Hollywood-loving) investor sporting the same name as Doug Trussler's Bison Capital (ahh, Chinese are the best of knock-off artists indeed). Well, as I see it, all of this comes out of thin air and a likely ruse to insulate the impact from the PwC conundrum and an orchestration of fast money to replay the FL Mobile deal (dejavu Bison Holdings PRC). In hindsight though, I believe the 100% right of rescission and sketchy Chinese investors proposing these deals were the red flags du jour. It's really sad to witness so many US investors fall for these shenanigans and not heed the warnings on the Great Wall. This is one example, but you can write a book on the purported shams that went unchallenged for so many years.

    As a general observation on China-sponsored engagement with US capital market participants: When the People's Republic of China deems it unpatriotic to investigate a US listed Chinese company for fraud, or jails an investigator looking into the same - it makes a mockery of the US capital system and sends a message of callous disregard to the securities laws of the United States. Then when the PCAOB or SEC is banned from all working papers on China soil of companies knowingly fleecing hard working American investors - it's akin to financial terrorism. We seem to lose track that the government of the Peoples Republic of China is still Communist and that free market capitalism is simply the weapon of choice in their quest for global domination, with billions in US dollars already exported to China from the hundreds of Chinese RTOs or IPOs that eventually went bust.

    Now back to the NQ saga: 愚蠢的美国人 is what I think Henry and Vinnie must think of you.

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    • Its only in US where the government bails out banls considered too big to fail. Bailing out to big to fail automobile manufacturing companies. Bailing out to big to fail mortgage companies. All out of taxpayers money. Yet the obedient paying citizens is ok with the fraud and elites go scotfree with the mess they make.

      I probably think too much.

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      • No, you are spot on. Those bailouts support the Politicians then offer high paying jobs after they already collected life time pensions after serving a single term

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      • No you do not "think too much" , you are absolutely correct ..... the taxpayers are getting F'd , and apparently liking it ...... Why else would they keep falling for the old "if we build this football stadium it will create jobs , so let us take some more of your money to make a Sports Billionaire tons of money" ...... Taxpayers are sheep in every sense of the word ..... and very very dumb sheep at that

    • short some more. sell your house, wife, kids and hurry before you miss it

    • Yea, and the US Treasury and FED are just absolute shining examples of sound money management. China surely has problems, but I'm much more concerned about what occurs in my back yard...

    • The Shanghai Composite Stock Market Index gained in 7 of the last 8 trading sessions, up about 7%. Why is the chronically anemic stock market suddenly on a tear?

      Of course the concern over China’s hard landing is easing. China reported its GDP grew at 7.5% in the second quarter and manufacturing in July is at 18-month high.

      But more importantly, starting October, mainland investors will be allowed to trade stocks in Hong Kong and vice versa, which means the discount gap between Shanghai and Hong Kong (Shanghai’s valuations are lower) will inevitably close, giving Shanghai shares a boost. Capital Economics provided the following chart showing Shanghai is trading at the largest discount to Hong Kong since 2006

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