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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 27, 2010 9:30 PM Flag

    DEAR MM : So which part of the CC was THAT terrible?

    The OEM are having an inventory correction...

    S Ram buisness is healthy..

    D Ram is what slowed down and pricing fell in D Ram..

    or the 63% YOY growth?

    But we all know D Ram is being outed..look at WDC..and it bounced back decently..and creeping up surely.

    Samsung is leaving S Ram so more growth to follow accoring to Scott H. (CEO)....competitors are declining but there is some competitiveness..

    Large competitors are leaving.. (more soup for us!)

    Management doesn't particular care about forwarding their company in the PR department..or isn't that clever maybe and vicioius like other mangament..They are techies..they don't get tight like TRUE Financial

    I think they just care about their cash they have stored in the bank; after all you and I can trade ISSI stock all day and ISSI the company isn't even going to see a penny after the IPO or a secnodary offering NO COMPANY does.

    Do I have to tell you what is going to happen next CC and surely the one after...

    Used words like "Sweet Spot" supporting lower memory the CEO is that the bad part?

    Minimize buying back stocks that we grant each year? is that the bad part?

    Bottom line they are making money and YOY growth, perhaps management doesn't know how to sell themselves and others have an agenda.

    BUY BACKS are useless to a stockholder ALWAYS I AGREE, but a dividend would SPEAK VOLUME! but I can live with them buying back any new shares...

    Commodity inventory is less then $2M..buisness 101 the less the inventory the less you have as over head in financing charges!! seriously is that the bad part?

    "They are desiging in our memory", Samsungs soon to be old customers.

    Seeing desing activity from Samsungs activity..takes 6 to 9 mos...


    I AM IN!!

    This stock is a POS !! Sell it in the panick!!!

    Flat panel TV a major customers is holding back one qtr. and they affected the bottom line for them..

    Buisness is moving from electronics to seasonality is going to be muted....sacrifice the finger to save the BODY!

    PLEASE DON'T listen to the CC you might actually hold and not sell for a loss..and then rest of us SHORTS won't be able to buy at $4..


    Whats the score of the World Series game, I am blacked out here!

    GL to you ALL, shorts and longs.. I have a few other CC to lisen to before Midnight!!

    As for the MM's reading this post, your welcome for me doing your job. :)

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    • MM's? You think the MM's are driving this stock afterhours? Ok, well I'm just going to make a statement and you can do what you want with it...The nasdaq is an electronic market, there isn't an "MM" sitting in front of a booth and computer screen controlling the stock. There are firms that make a market in ISSI which means they are required to hold stock and then buy, or sell stock if the market for ISSI drys up and the bid and ask become too wide. However, in afterhours market their are no MM"s or any other entity controlling the stock, it's all electronic...when an order comes in to buy the computer will try to match that with a sell. If there isn't a buy and sell at the same price then nothing happens. Do you ever wonder why the bid and ask are so far apart during pre market and after hours trading? It's because there are no MM's to make liquidity in the stock. The selling tonight, or any other note is just a human being behind a computer wanting to sell their shares, if it's someone with alot of shares to sell then the price of the stock is going to go down, like wise with someone that is trying to buy alot of stock....that's all it is...bottom line! Can we all please stop with the "MM's are driving this stock down to load up".?? It's so annoying to hear that on every message board when a stock doesn't go someone's way they start screaming .."MM"'s !!! "MM"'s !!! Guess what.....ITS NOT THE EVIL MM's, it's ISSI lowering guidance!! Period end of story! Some folks will find the stock cheap and some will find it expensive, when there's more of one side against the other the stock is going to fall that way...and tomorrow, at least at the opening of pre-market, the stock is most likely going to be down

      Good luck

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      • For the record I never said he was driving it down...

        I just wanted to get a thank you because they are so FREAKIN LAZY, the money managers..not market makers.

        The market makers are all about the white envelpe at the end of the day under the

        Yeah and GS didn't create toxic funds and sell them to others and then hedge against them, but thats another story.

        Wall Street is pure like the undriven

      • LoL.

        Listen I am the guy that writes those algorithms for high frequency traders.

        When you get good, you write a flow chart and let somebody else CODE it.

        As for the MM's ( I am sorry not Market Maker but MONEY MANGER, the guy taking care of trust fund babies and retirees) never even read or listen to CC, 90% of them are getting sloshed at that watering hole infront of the Bkly Battery Tunnel..M C Exchange is that the name? Peeing away all of the money they make every qt.

        They don't read or listen, better shot of the louts reading your waiting for a massage table to open up in Chinatown.

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