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  • contra_fella contra_fella Mar 28, 2014 11:31 AM Flag


    ISSI certainly has moved up handily and given the possibility of consolidation in this sector and the size of ISSI, might a company swoop in and take this over? Certainly lots of potential suitors I should think.


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    • I think the fundamentals of the industry are improving. The memory industry is looking very healthy this year. New cars models are coming up with a lot of electronics, which means there is more memory required. Industrial electronics are looking good as well.

      Furthermore, the newest hot area in the industry is "the internet of things." Or in other words a bunch of small network connected wireless devices that are all over the place. ISSI is in a unique position to take advantage of this trend with their portfolio of elements resistant memories.

    • Nice to see there's somebody else around here. Up steadily the past 7 weeks on above average volume, and with no news. Difficult to know what to make of it, though it sure feels better than when it's dropping. At the current price, it's still a bargain to anyone wanting to take over the company, but I wonder why now? Could've had it for half the price not long ago. I've owned this since 1997, watching as it rose to the upper 30's in 2000, then crashed to $1.50 in 2009, obviously lamenting my Hold decision at both extremes where I could've made a fortune selling near the high and added to my position near the low. I posted when it was in the mid-30's, asking why I should hold it longer, and I got well thought out responses assuring me of its potential to return to 70. Didn't happen. After the downs and ups, I've got a decent overall profit in it and, once again, I'm uncertain what to do. Have to keep reminding myself that the stock doesn't "owe" me anything for all the stress over the years. Thinking I could time its purchase/sale has been one of my downfalls. Years ago, the chip market was in a cyclical recovery and looked to be solid for a few years so I thought I'd be safe, but suddenly an oversupply drove prices down, ISSI's sales and earnings fell short of expectations and the stock collapsed. That's a big risk here since the float is limited. With their huge cash position, they've bought back huge amounts of stock over the years and, with institutional ownership tying up the majority of shares, there's not a lot available for individual investor trading. Beyond the 100,000 share block today, it was moving rather freely up and down on trades of 1,000 or less. My bottom line is I'll see how it opens Monday, given that weekends are ideal times for corporate announcements, and will consider lightening my position a little, enough that I book some profit, but still happy if it continues to rise. Best of luck to you.

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