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  • flone6 flone6 Feb 28, 2004 9:46 AM Flag

    we may be seeing a change in the market

    i'm noticing some stocks that have been out of favor and seem to be ridiculously cheaply valued are starting to kick it into gear. My best example is AUO. it was up over 10% this week after the market digested its earnings report and conference call. i see a lot of people both on this board and in the press mentioning it as a stock to own. yet it trades at less than 10 times this years earnings forecast. they are in a hugely growing flat panel screen market.

    i think utsi has a chance at following in their footsteps. these 2 companies remind me a lot of each other in that you look at their earnings and growth, and scratch your head as to why they are trading at the levels they are.

    per jbeck's post, you see that they were both mentioned in the same barron's article this weekend. at least, for the first time in a while, we have reason to be a bit more optimistic this weekend. the only thing i fear, based on the fact that utsi stock behaved SO much differently on thursday and friday than it has over the past several weeks, is that whoever it is that is manipulating the price of the stock took thursday and friday off and had a long weekend and will return monday.

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    • Flone -

      Coincidently, I own both UTSI and AUO. Rarely (in fact never) have two of my larger holdings been recommended in Barrons on the same week. I only have one dilema...which one to buy more of. I think both are very well postured for short- and long-term. My price targets are $50 for each...for now its just a waiting game. Good luck to you,