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    • 1) afci is presenting either today or tommorow at AEi meeting.
      2) China deal is immenent as the banks are again lowering rate to boom the bussiness.

      stay tuned.

    • IMO, you are no different than Tom Hayden.
      you come on here giving all these predictions
      and opinions. you, like all of us, have absolutely
      no idea what tomorrow will bring.

      :-) Raven

    • rickotto!, QCOM put out a pretty "stout" earnings report after the bell- perhaps that will help lift telcomms generally moving forward.... Scooter

    • ...we will go to the teens this
      problemo...maybe we get some of the news or rumors tomorrow, maybe
      thursday..they will arrive soon...until then as long as this
      market stays ok, we at afci will go on
      it...we dropped at the very end on not very heavy volume,
      before that we pushed the limits of 12 twice before the
      close, and then tailed off, when people saw that the
      nasdaq and dow wouldnt finish up, and ciena and pairgain
      sold off heavily..we sold off just a bit today.,, and
      like i said we were actually up for the day at 330pm
      est...yes i wouldve liked to have finished at 12, but come
      the morning, i dont really think it is going to
      matter,afci should gap up nicely .. rick

    • >>>>'m a market maker in the stock.
      COST is my nasdaq
      symbol. The longs on this board
      attack, belittle, and ignore

      hahahahaLOLOLOL...HAHAHA....that is the biggest joke ive seen on this board
      yet....the guy is a liar and a fraud...just so none of you
      people actually believe that statement, it would be
      highly illegal for a market maker to come on a chat
      rooom board and bet the people on the board that the
      stock is going down.....what a scam artist...
      phony...whatever...i am long the stock since all know my
      position...i am an individual investor/trader., i do this for
      a living, and stare at the afci level two screen
      till im dizzy...all i see are big buys, and smaller
      sells..all my reasons posted are why afci is going to go
      up....i can almost 99% guarantee you that these fools
      will short this stock on strength or weakness (like
      today) and they will burn to the high heavens on i said i stare at level 2 all day, and i have
      never seen a stock look more like it wants to explode
      north than afci...its gonna be fun as we watch tom
      dissappear, and raven mcloudmouth tell us he concedes defeat,
      just like senator alfonse damato from ny is doing as i
      write this on cbs 2 ny...rick

    • I hope noone believes that what we say has any
      influence whatsoever on the stock price, we are just trying
      to figure out what the real movers and shakers are
      up to. On a day like today probably at least a
      million shares traded hands between buyers and sellers
      (discounting all the MM to MM transactions and overcounting of
      the volume). Thats more than 10 million dollars.
      Don't know about the rest of you, but my contribution
      to that figure doesn't amount to

      Second, AFCI seems to have changed some of its poison
      pill provisions recently in response to recent court
      rulings on the legality of such tactics. That means they
      must be a little bit concerned about the possibility
      of a lowball hostile takeover (please don't take
      this to mean that I think anyone is actually
      contemplating such a move)

    • this stock is going to "POP UP" like gramps on Viagra!

      viagra love for all


    • shows a steady increase in price with 2 buys at 12./...can anybody with live after hours confirm this?

      • 2 Replies to hasbroo
      • Couple buys at 11 7/16 and 11 13/16. Better than 11 3/16,
        for sure.

        I watched AFCI today and it was VERY strong. Steady mover.
        Going up. Buy and hold.

      • AFCI looks very overbought, is overextended from
        a relative strength perspective, bumped up against
        the upper bollinger band, stochastics are giving a
        sell signal, and MACD gave a short term sell signal
        today. It looks like we are done for the short term, I
        think we could move down to the 6 to 7 dollar range,
        form a double bottom and then continue on.
        Fundamentals also don't seem to support a double digit stock
        at this time. If you're long, this might be a good
        place to take some chips off the table, it looks like
        you will get a better opportunity down the road.