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  • JEFFTC98 JEFFTC98 Nov 5, 1998 1:43 PM Flag

    Greenspan...what do u think

    Seems like he was saying that future easing of
    rates was going to happen and the dow is responding
    positively..... Hope it translates over to AFCI..

    for AFCI to do what my other large play did in at 14.00...Move up quickly after making a good
    base and then announcing a new CEO. Seems like AFCI
    could have the same fate here.

    What do u guys
    think about Greenspan's comments:

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    • Thanx for reply to my questions.When i learn a
      little more i will get my own level II and won't have to
      bother anyone.I'm hoping that even half your feelings
      are correct as this stock has great potential.The
      smallcaps are in right now and with some good news we will
      make a decent move up.In my opinion it's only a matter
      of time.Thanx for your informative posts and your
      enthusiasm,as well as others on this board,clearly one of the
      better boards to read.Good luck all.

    • Reviewing my quote service just now
      I note
      that yesterday's last trade was a
      15,000 share
      block at the ask of 11 11/16.
      This affirms the large
      block momentum I
      observed yesterday, which appeared
      be building very stronly as the day

      Something is in the works. I think we'll
      hear a bit of
      good news very soon.


    • I got out of AFCI with a nice profit earlier in
      week at 11 5/8, and have been watching the
      very closesly ever since. Yesterday was a
      encouraging mmm day for bulls, with a nice recovery
      an early morning low, propelled by many
      block (> 5000 shares) trades at the ask, and
      few above the ask.

      I'll look to get back into
      AFCI today, if things
      break the way I anticipate.
      I'm looking for an
      up opening, which is a leading
      indicator on a
      trading day like today, with some forward
      momentum at the close of yesterday's market, and
      S&P moving from -5.7 when I started my
      watch this morning at 5:00 AM to -.8 as
      I write this
      at 6:48 AM.

      I look for AFCI to open very
      strongly, and to
      close between 11 5/8 and 11 15/16
      today. Just
      my opinion, but for those of you who have

      seen my posts I think you'll agree that I've
      the action in this stock pretty well
      for the past
      two weeks.

      Best regards, and good luck to


    • For those of you with a Level II screen, you all
      saw how Merrill bought all the shares it could get at
      $11.125 from 11:00 a.m. PST til the market overall drove
      the stock higher (combination of day shorters and

      I like the stock, however, I suspect after an
      initial spike in the overall market tomorrow, we will be
      hard pressed to see it "in the black" by days

      Without any "news" tomorrow, we can only hope AFCI will
      stay above $11, if it does - IT BODES WELL FOR THE


      P.S. Keep an eye on Merrill tomorrow and see if they
      continue to buy all the shares they can get their hands

    • sorry you missed out on the buying
      this morning
      i though for sure we'd see afci
      under 10.
      must have been MM shaking out the weak
      shows you what i know when it comes to these
      of moves.

      many profits to you,


      • 2 Replies to RAVENMcCLOUD
      • Nice recovery from the lows of early this
        morning. AFCI seems to have found its floor in the 11
        range. Looks like it's up from here.

        think the Cisco earnings report yesterday will spill

      • I would rather loose an opportunity then jump in
        and loose my ass.....LOL Normally I would have jumped
        in, but Greenspan scares me. He used to be so
        negative and would always depress the market, but he has
        changed his tune a little, since his irrational
        exuberence speech almost sent us into a bear

        Actually, it is disapointing this stock dropped so damn
        much this morning and all the Greenspan stuff did, was
        bring it back to the morning levels, instead of taking
        it to new highs.
        Actually I don't trust the MM's
        on this stock. It makes crazy moves with crazy
        spreads and they allow it to fall too fast and rise too
        fast. I guess as as long as it climbs fast, I am

        good luck to you as well. I like that stock you
        suggested, but didn't care much for the financials.
        Obviously the fundamentals would probably be the driving
        factors for that company. Great potential.....

    • tight trading range today between 10.9375 and
      wonder what drove the price down a buck in the

      greenspam is probably waiting to see how the dust
      settle at home and abroad considering IMF
      the first round of easing interest rates, etc.
      read his message as still cautious.