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  • rickotto1 rickotto1 Nov 8, 1998 10:38 PM Flag


    >>>>>>I look to be a buyer at 8
    to 9 and sell as it
    hits it's high later this
    year just under $12>>>

    hey grege..kiss
    my white ass ! your a moron, and i really hope you
    shorted afci with everythinng you got...your gonna lose
    your hard earned money on this one dopey !
    dr.evil said to his son in austin powers " you dont get just dont get it do you scott ? " i no longer own
    this stock either, but for my sake i hope it drops to
    8 so i can get back in...but i and you know that
    isnt going to happen is it silly boy ! afci most
    likely goes to 14-15 this week..maybe more...if those
    long waited announcements happen to appear, that
    number could go higher, much higher...rick

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    • PETALUMA, Calif., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced
      Fibre Communications(R), Inc. (AFC) (Nasdaq: AFCI -
      news), a leading manufacturer of telecommunications
      access equipment for the local loop, announced today a
      three-year contract with TDS TELECOM (Amex: TDS - news). The
      contract extends an existing contract under which AFC
      supplies its UMC 1000(R) 3rd Generation Digital Loop
      Carrier (3GDLC(TM)) for use throughout TDS TELECOM'S

      The UMC 1000 allows TDS TELECOM to
      upgrade its network cost-effectively, as well as deliver
      extended voice and data services to its growing customer

      ``The UMC 1000 has given us the ability
      to successfully expand into new markets,'' says Mike
      Edl, Vice President - Network Services for TDS
      TELECOM. ``The equipment allows for flexibility and
      expansion as we take on new technologies.''

      value our relationship with TDS TELECOM, and we are
      pleased they are selecting the UMC 1000 family of access
      products to continue to be a key component in their
      expansion plans,'' comments Richard L. Stanfield, Vice
      President, North American Sales.

      The UMC 1000 3rd
      Generation Digital Loop Carrier (3GDLC*) features 6.2 Gbps
      bandwidth and delivers any service from POTS to xDSL over
      copper, fiber and wireless transport media.


      AFC is a leading manufacturer of
      telecommunications systems for the ``local loop'' between telephone
      service users and public telephone networks worldwide.
      AFC has pioneered a single platform that supports any
      network, any transport, and any service. AFC's flagship
      product, the UMC 1000* 3rd Generation Digital Loop
      Carrier*, provides any service from POTS to xDSL over
      copper, fiber, HDSL and radio transport media. Additional
      information on AFC can be found on the web at

      About TDS TELECOM

      TDS TELECOM is
      a growing, national company that currently brings
      high quality, locally based telecommunications
      services to 900 rural and suburban communities across the
      United States. Headquartered in Madison, Wis., the
      company maintains 543,244 access lines through which it
      serves more than one million customers. TDS TELECOM can
      be accessed through the Internet at

      TDS TELECOM is part of the Telephone and
      Data Systems (TDS) family of telecommunications
      companies, which includes United States Cellular Corp. and
      Aerial Communications, Inc. Based in Chicago, TDS is
      publicly traded under the symbol ``TDS'' on the American
      Stock Exchange.

      NOTE: 3GDLC and 3rd Generation
      Digital Loop Carrier are trademarks and Advanced Fibre
      Communications. AFC, the AFC logo, Universal Modular Carrier, and
      UMC 1000 are registered trademarks of Advanced Fibre
      Communications, Inc.

      SOURCE: Advanced Fibre

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      and News: Advanced Fibre Communications
      (Nasdaq:AFCI - news)
      Telephone & Data Systems Inc (AMEX:TDS
      - news)
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    • Three year supply contract with TDS Telecom announced this a.m.

    • AFCI will continue its forward momentum. This is
      an easy call,
      as AFCI has risen in a no-news
      environment, and continues to
      get good comments from the
      experts who are looking for
      under-valued bargains in
      the small-cap domain.

      I've been following
      this stock closely for a month, and have
      playing it long only for the past two weeks. Anyone
      is foolish enough to hold a short postition in this
      over-night or over the weekend doesn't have the brains
      take a walk in the sunshine once in a while. I don't
      wish any
      bad luck to these folks, but I do think
      their stupidity is
      worthy of note.

      I have
      been carrying very long postitions (between one
      three thousand shares) in this stock over night and
      over the
      weekend. Not all the time, but more often
      then not. I'd
      never do that in a stock that has
      even the slightest postential
      for a non-market
      based downward move. Yes, the entire market
      have a very bad day, and take AFCI with it. That
      make it a great short play, though.

      So... GO AFCI! This could be the week for a major move.
      I look
      for at least a fifty cent a day average
      gain. Throw in a two point day and we're on our way to

      Good luck to you all, even you


      • 1 Reply to CorpInc
      • Sure is nice to be on the long side of AFCI
        Was a nice gap up on the open this
        considered day trading it and thought better.
        bought a bit more right below $12.

        IFCI is still
        looking strong. What a great play
        it has been. Also
        tempted to take my profits
        there, yet, i really think,
        given the potential
        of IFCI and earning being moved
        up two days,
        we have a lot more upside.

        Wow, just got out of my last long position
        iomega right before the collapse this morning.
        it all in Netg, another one of
        recommendations (you're awesome rick and i'm
        grateful i acted
        on your suggestions) up $3

        Good luck to all AFCI longs for this week.
        And may
        the Gods smile upon our endeavors
        by making the
        Dow bust through 9000 this


    • announced.

      It's straight to 20 from here. Resistance at $10.00 is history from the charts. Good Luck to all.

      Zed Oceanside CA.