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  • red_iguana27 red_iguana27 Jan 12, 2000 12:33 PM Flag

    BIDD and AFCI

    Model you must like the bouncy bouncy - I just
    hope your taste in stocks doesn't reflect your taste
    in men. ;) Have you seen RMBS's 1/2/ or 5 -year
    chart? Makes Amazon's surges and dips look like a walk
    in the park by comparison.

    If you want a
    stock which suffers from anxiety performance, Model,
    that's your choice (yeah, we all know it happens more
    than most of us would like to admit). Myself I prefer
    to be the kind of guy who can always guarantee a
    woman satisfaction. I'd say the better Viagra bet is
    Exodus Communications (EXDS) - their earnings
    announcement is on the same day as AFCI's (Jan 24th) - and
    their stock price tends to just move in one direction:

    Moves smoother than a lava lamp,