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  • quite_standard_really quite_standard_really Feb 9, 2000 6:55 PM Flag

    That should end all the CSCO rumors

    but I think today's announcement is still good
    news. Management showing some savvy with this hedging
    as a way to lock profits. Smart move with market
    volatility and such a huge CSCO stake. Also getting 260,000
    additional shares in April worth about 38 million based on
    today's price.

    We won't hit 90 this week like
    people were hoping, but I think AFC is still undervalued
    here with deals (both announced and euro deal to come)
    and over 800 million in cash/securities. That's
    almost one fourth of their market cap! No debt, nearly
    300 million in revenues, and value of assets alone
    warrant a serious look at AFC.

    I'm guessing BTY
    contract rumor will be next to catch hold. Regardless,
    good company here and probably not dropping below 50
    based on these fundamentals.

    Hoping for more
    analyst coverage soon. Activity over past week has make
    us difficult to ignore.

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    • can't wait!
      we're next!


    • <EOM>

    • I was sitting on about 5k shares of stock, 90
      Feb40 calls and 100 Feb35 calls...a huge position for

      Sold it all over the past several days...sold the
      options too soon...only got a double, could have had a
      quadruple had I been 48 hours more patient.

      Sold the
      stock on Monday, still too soon.

      I had a great
      battle plan: wait till CSCO earnings announcement then
      sell. Instead I chickened out and took my profits too

      Still, I should be embarassed to be whining... I have
      learned something about my trading patterns. I tend to
      trade 'in the middle'. I wait for a bounce off the
      bottom ('greed factor') and sell too soon ('fear
      factor'). Maybe some day I'll get it right and have more
      perfect timing.

      I'm really starting to like the
      options game, tho, particularly with 'pattern' stocks.
      AFCI is good, CCRD is good and lately PRGN has been

      Remember, I now nothing, take what I say with a grain of
      salt, lime and tequila.

    • I just read a past anyalist report, dated Oct.99
      Lehman Bros. A recomended buy. " Company financial very
      good." Good product in a very good field." Cisco stock
      then about 80.00, big plus. Question mark, the Marconi
      problem,how would it turn out. Now we know this turned out
      very good. They also like the job J.S, was doing. They
      projected .o9 for the comeing qtr.which was exceeded. In
      other words if you read what they said then, and
      compare it to what has taken place now. AFCI is a 60.00
      stock. Stock was 30 then, They said stock should double.

      check it out.

    • Dind`t you buy a load of feb37 calls a while
      back. How did you make out with those?
      I was trying
      to buy them as well, but couldn`t cause it was an
      IRA acct.

      Your 100% cash, let us know if you
      get back in. I`m 90% stocks 80% of that in high teck,
      should I be concerned? I don`t feel to worried, sleeping
      well at nite. Maybe I`ve become too complaicent. My 12
      month return is 119%. 80% of assets in IRA and I`m only
      40 years old. What I`ve learned to date is not to
      try and time the market and to pay attention to the
      time line of your investment goals.

      definately a novice investor but I think I`m doing the right

      I think many regulars here hope to see you back in
      AFCI in the future.

      good luck to
      regards clareton

    • AFCI was prudent and damn smart to protect thier
      holdings in CSCO. But there is more to the story .... To
      all those who think this signifies a dead deal, I
      should point out that this strategic move also means
      that AFCI is not too concerned about a CSCO runup past
      $200/share pre-split. Why .... becuase we will be long sold
      by then. This move protects AFCI and us short term.
      Good move. Good sign.

      confuse a bull market for brains

    • neither confirms or denies any acquisition rumor.
      You folks are reading way too much into what is
      simply a solid financial risk management

      This is the worst shape I've seen this board in in a
      long long time.

      FYI, IMHO AFCI is now too
      expensive for a takeover target.