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Advanced Fibre Communic. (AFCI) Message Board

  • rayniac rayniac Jul 21, 2000 6:03 PM Flag


    By the way, my friend, one last

    It's been noted many times on this board that AFCI
    appears to run in a cycle between around 40ish and the
    high fifties. I wish I had been aware of that before
    making a buy. I fully admit that it was my error in not
    uncovering that before getting in way too high.

    problem with that scenario, is that a company with a
    stock that experiences that sort of regular movement
    clearly becomes uninvestable. People in the know will
    never go long above the low 40's. The only buyers
    higher up are those that didn't know any

    That, in a nutshell, is why this stock can't go
    anywhere. Until the company takes serious measures to abort
    that cycle, any investment in AFCI above the low
    forties is simply an exercise in frustration, because it
    will just keep falling back to this level

    if you think calling people liars and saying that
    they aren't really long the stock, but are really
    shorts in disguise will resolve these facts, I assure
    you it will not.

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    • "it seems to me if you were going to buy a stock
      long term"

      Never said I was interested in AFCI
      "long term". Frankly, in this sort of highly volatile
      market I'm really not sure if it makes sense to buy
      anything long term. Not that I'm a daytrader mind you, but
      my preference is towards short term investments.

      When I picked up AFCI, I was aware that it had fallen
      down on the HLIT news, and hoped positive earnings
      might cause it to break out beyond the trading range
      its' been in for the past few months. Things didn't
      work out that way, and I very much should have been
      out around earnings.

      From my point of view,
      the market trends downward from here, perhaps
      significantly, and am strongly considering taking the loss on
      AFCI right here and now, to preserve cash.

      the long term, I think AFCI will probably do just
      fine, although it clearly seems to be an

      Someone on the board accused me of
      shorting the stock, which just isn't so. However, at this
      point, I would have to acknowledge that the shorts seem
      in a better position right now than the longs. As
      for me, I'm just looking for an exit point this week.

    • I also have come to the same conclusion. Falsely
      believing that this company was a undiscoverd jewel I have
      held onto to this stock throgh many ups and downs and
      I assure you the next up point I am getting out of
      this stock. This is a classic example of stock
      manipulation. I am a newbie to trading on my own and I am going
      to make the day trader assholes happy very soon by
      getting out. Rest assured I won't leave any money in the
      market for them since I will make a profit.

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      • glad to see someone else who is long the stock
        understands. Some clown posted earlier that I'm really short
        the stock for stating my opinion.

        Don't think
        I'll wind up making a profit where I got in, in fact
        will probably lose a bundle. As for me though, I've
        seen enough of this one. If it hits 51/52 I'm out and
        will be happy as all hell to forget all about AFCI. I
        sincerely don't recall seeing a stock that gets pushed
        around the way this thing does.

        Too bad the
        company doesn't take the necessary action to put an end
        to it. In the end, it's their responsibility to
        shore up share value for the sake of investors.
        Unfortunately, in my opinion, the company doesn't seem to feel
        that way.


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