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  • greendog03 greendog03 Dec 2, 2010 8:41 AM Flag

    These guys should sell out

    This company should be earning a lot more - it just must be that the margins are just too low to produce high end profits. nice little company whose time has come to be sold. The industrials have been doing well and Mpr just sits there - time to be part of another management team that can get a lot more out of the businees

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    • I agree somewhat. I getting tired of the conference calls where these guys are patting themselves on the back for single digit growth metrics when we are comparing the current quarters to weak quarters of the recession. Stop telling me how excited you are about the level of quoting activites and hire some salesmen who can close deals. These guys missed their chance over the last two years when they had a great balance sheet and other companies were struggling with leverage and we did nothing. Now we get this rinky dink million dollar acquistition. Ridiculous. This company is being run like its an IRA for some 80 year old. Sales are still close to 25% below peak so by mid decade we should be getting close to surpassing them. Frustrated to no end.

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      • Interesting last comment...that is exactly how the company was always run..very conservative R&D, squeezed every penny out of every dime - def. not a growth stock - markets aren't high growth markets either - not declining markets just not huge growth in the core markets. Good dividend play with predictable highs and lows.

    • It's manufacturing. No patents, no marketing hype. It's pretty hard to beat these numbers. I don't know what you expect out of a metal bender, but I am impressed by what these guys can do in such a competitive environment.