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  • son_of_kelvinator son_of_kelvinator Jul 30, 2011 5:22 PM Flag

    we are back in a recession!!!!!!!!!!!


    that is the story

    double dip is not unlikely as the shills are saying it has already arrived

    if i run into birinyi i will close line that sob to the turf

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    • Main street never left the recession!

      The dollar and the euro are gonna have to be trashed in order for these bailouts to service our debt. Companies have been hoarding cash to be defensive and keep credit ratings; and earnings up to snuff. But they are actually losing a ton of that cash pile to inflation. They'd be better off doing capital improvements; and buyouts of smaller companies. Hoarding fiat paper in the early stages of hyper inflation is gonna bite them. Maybe we can add extra letters to credit ratings.

    • Read this book. Amazing read and nailed it exactly even though written in 2009. Best $15 bucks you will spend this year. Too bad it is not available on "e" book.
      IF you read it I would like to set up a discussion board on it.

    • when did we ever get out of it? 1932 depression real unemployment was 23% , 2011 real unemployment is 22.7% and still climbing.

      See anything similar between the two?

      These crooked corporations are slicing jobs to keep their earnings up so they can dump their free stock on the retards at higher prices. They have been doing it for 5 years now. Their time has run out....the Wall Street casino is now closed.....S&P will be lucky to hold 400

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