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  • baecorine baecorine Nov 10, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    CNBC bull parade

    They are afraid they will be caught short and miss the run to 1325. How funny is that? we were at $128, the down move from yesterday if it had been up would have made the year end target.

    Afraid to miss a few points to the upside but willing to accept huge downside risk? these idiots are professional money managers? They are clueless as to what is going on out there. We are in a slowdown and Europe is falling apart.

    Stop the BS please. Nothing but snake oil salesmen on CNBC. Stocks went up 100% in a 2 year period on massive stimulus, nothing more. The public doesn't want to buy stocks, get it? Steal from each other, you scumbags lost the trust of the public long ago

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    • no they don't get it

      they spend every 55 minutes pumping out of every hour PER day rotation

      its scary

      i wish they would focus more on up and coming stocks vs the same old bloated stories we all know

    • baecorine,

      Great post! I much enjoy watching the Bears and Shorts going through the shredder. It is very entertaining to watch.

      Yes, it is all the fault of those CNBC "scum bags". I have bad news for you: The Fundamentals say that this Market is going up significantly over the next 6 months. You may not want to believe it but that is exactly what is going to happen whether you like it or not! Get used to the idea.

      Keep up the great posts!


      • 2 Replies to zedolado
      • "fundamentals of this market" you say...............

        The #1 Fundamental of this market is ignorance to macro risk....

        Perma-Longs and long termers are headed for the cliff.

        The #'s the Gov spew out are massively flawed and when it falls apart its gonna get bad very quick.

        Now that being said I do not see the "bears" saying it will be FUN to watch the longs get slaughtered and chit as that...
        Get hedged, get out, get defensive, whatever.... just know what you are running into.

      • And what fundamentals do you refer to?

        No jobs, half the homes underwater, china slowing down, Europe blowing up, Fed, State, and Local governments flat broke,
        couple that with a Debt Commission that will fail and trigger sequestration!!

        I don't see many positive fundamentals.

    • everyone is expecting the bullrun up... of course it won't happen... with the headwinds going on in europe etc no reason for the mkt to move higher.

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