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  • choppos choppos Nov 16, 2011 8:29 PM Flag

    can some answer this question seriously...

    can someone please explain to me how LNKD can be doubling it's float at a price 50 cents below today's close? who would buy and already bloated pig with lockout period ending in short order and the float doubling for essentially no discount? so what will happen tomorrow? they'll have a buy algo parked on the bid at 71.00 so that it doesn't fall to 67 before Monday?


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    • To add to what mathew_and correctly said LNKD has great earnings visibility. Institutions are willing to suffer a few blows to have a position in this potential.

      No one knows where stock prices are going. They could go up, although that might not be until later. When they do LNKD moves not like a $70 stock, but like a $.70 stock.

      You're an amateur. Don't amateurs like to play the leverage paper?

    • xtgeminiman Nov 16, 2011 8:34 PM Flag

      The fact that they offered a secondary proves the day of reckoning is coming for that stock. P, Z, GRPN, CMG and some others are worthless too.

    • those soon to be worthless shares will end up being in pension funds and mutual funds, etc. wall street doing what it does best.


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      • SPY at $45 is not far fetched, given that this Europe situation, and the impending US recession/insane unemployment/stagflation. Oh, wait... someone on TV just said Europe has been fixed. Disregard everything I just said!

      • Well, it appears that only 1.3 million of the 8.75 million shares they are selling will add to the share count, as most the the shares sold are cashing insiders. So if the share could is only going up by 1.3 million, that's only about 15% dilution, and that has probably already been priced in over the past week. Additionally, the lead bank on a secondary equity offering will typically support the price at or above the issue price the few days after issuance.

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