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  • dhneedle dhneedle Feb 21, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    Dell anyways...Fed monetizing debt.

    Earnings DON"T matter. Everything going higher.

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    • OPEC sells OIL in US$,
      not China.
      CHINA buys OIL in US$,
      except for Russian and Iranian oil.

      Follow Iran.
      Iran no longer wishes to sell OIL
      in US$?
      Why doesn't Europe offer gold instead of US$ or euro?

      If others follow what happens to US$?

      Why was Iran invaded?
      Because Saddam started selling OIL
      in euroes.

      Bilderberg nor the Rotschields cannot stop OPEC from selling OIL in GOLD.
      Only US aircraft carriers can.

      And, in another election year the FED has to keep OIL prices high

      Did the US military discuss their plans with CHINA?

    • "Imagine if the FED, PPT, OPEC and CHINA sat down together"

      Are you kidding me? They sit down at least a dozen times a year. What do you think Davos, Bilderberg, UN, G20/G8, etc. is? Plus all those you don't ever hear about.

      Why was Tim Geithner in China last month + Why is China's next Prez in The US now???

    • Remember when real estate prices were all going higher? Ouch.

      Remember when Crude Oil was going way higher? Ouch.

      Sell Hysteria Lame St. Sales Gimmicks. SELL AND HOLD.

      • 2 Replies to hyperinflationhyenas
      • I guess you didn't hear the expert idiots in $3000 suits on CNBC today saying that the US consumer can absorb $5 gasoline prices. Maybe we should allow them to work at Walmart since they are so proud of all the wonderful jobs this economy is creating an let them buy that $5 gasoline to drive to their $8/hour Walmart job.

        I would love to see them beaten to a pulp at a gas station by an angry mob for saying something that stupid. I guess those idiots don't understand that it isn't just gasoline that goes up when oil prices rise. If gas goes to $5 which is over 25% higher from here, so does food, utilities, autos, clothes, everything you buy. the economy can't handle $3 gas, if it could we wouldn't need the Fed to print money or the government to stimulate the economy, would we?

        I'll be more than happy to pony up $5 for a gallon of gas as long as I can pour it all over those idiots on CNBC and set them on fire. It would be the best $5 I ever spent in my life.

      • You're right blah blah! Sure the Fed says they are going to cause inflation, but how in the world are they ever going to accomplish that? Inflation? Hah, put your tin foil hat back on - I can hear the black helicopters in the distance. Everybody knows deflation is the real worry. Put all of your money in the dollar and watch as every day it can buy more and more as prices spiral down.

    • give the girl a prize, she knows the narrative. I just hope you have the courage of your conviction and put everything into the broad stock market. Stocks are going much higher and the dollar is going much lower. The people holding cash are the ones who are gambling.

    • DELL isn't important to any index. They have to buy AAPL, XOM, MSFT, INTC, IBM, those are the important stocks. Don't forget thos bank stress tests, they have to prop up the equity of banks so they don't fail.

      Without AAPL this market is nothing. No one cares about DELL, RIM and thousands of other stocks, all that matters are the top ten in the indexes.

    • Dell is irrelevant.

      They don't produce/sell food
      or oil.

      They could go bankrupt,
      like Kodak or Blockbuster,
      or Lehman or MF Global,
      and NOBODY would care.

      Who would even know?

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