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  • dogdewstinks dogdewstinks Mar 6, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Hey Cramer how is that Pandora call you made doing?



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    • LOL awwwww, did you go long on cramers call? How about you do your homework next time instead of blaming others for your loss? Cramer is human too, he makes mistakes....

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      • The fact is, there is not a trader here who could beat him in a contest.

        not one.

        His track record as a trader is up there with Peter Lynch.

        Now that he cant trade money that matters, (a charity fund? seriously, like he cares) obviously he is not going to be as strong.

        Imagine playing poker without real money, it's not the same.

        I dont watch his show, but the fact is, he ran a hedge fund that had legendary returns.

        His book, "Confessions of a Street Addict" is amazing.

        these boards have toooooons of people who like to build themselves up by noting his bad calls, but give me $100K and let 100 yahoo posters trade it vs Cramer . . . Cramer would win . . . Every. Single. Time.

        So, those who rip on Cramer are kinda pathetic.

        He's worth a few hundred million . . . not because he sucks at trading.

        Do any of his critics here have a few hundred million made from their trading career? (well, Kibbles does of course . . . )

        and again, yes, I used to watch his show a few years ago, but quickly realized it wasnt for me.

    • xtgeminiman Mar 6, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

      Not sure why my last message didn't post.

      Missed his call but since I track P a little bit, it seems to be a short over 14 and a buy at 10 EVERY time. Too bad I've never found and shares to short.

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