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  • slpkid515 slpkid515 Apr 21, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    look...signs are in front of you

    open your eyes,turn off msm,read what they don't want you to read....this 4 month rally,bls data,economic data,snow job before the big dump and european and u.s banking banking system fall..... qe3 will be a biggie in a few months,but 20-30% fall first and most of it in a couple days time as futures will collapse european will wake up one morning and find 10% plus down spx,gold at 2,000......cartel will not be able to restrain gold down anymore....stay away from paper gold markets,your paper will be that,just paper,buy the physical....

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    • I don't know that ANY QE3 can ultimately prevent a correction in the market that NEEDS to happen---stave off for awhile very probably---but NOT ultimately prevent it. The next 12 to 18 months should and could see a VERY HEALTHY retracement---imo.

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      • My thoughts on QE, is that it won't happen with commodities at these levels.

        If we do get a healthy correction, some form of QE is likely, unless the Fed sees it as a healthy correction.

        More likely, everyone will panic, label it deflation, and the printing press will be fired up, and we will have yet another no brainer play to the long side.

    • Buy physical, hedge with puts on the paper.

      If your scenario plays out, prescious metals will get crushed.

      Feels like a correction taking place right now, and I hope it's a good one, for the sake of recovery.

      A nice deep correction, with some down moves in commodities, would ultimately be bullish, and not referring to QE3 either.

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      • yeah,i waiting for market mini crash or few days big down,cartel always drives gold down at least once real bad,msm says it sellers taking profits and scared holders of gold selling...we all know what it really is,cartel is driving it down and covering shorts cheap,,,,seen it in cot report many times...cartel and msm have people believing gold only goes up when equities go up,and goes down in all different times even if equties go

    • I think, in the real world, you would be correct.

      However, in the Mark to Fantasy markets we have before us, it's simply not going to be allowed.

      April 19 jobs number will be "better than expected". I saw something on TV yesterday that indicated that's the plan.

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      • did'nt i just tell you to turn off msm.
        fed is controling this rollercoaster ride,now its down fast ,before fed can setup next qe.
        And by the way notice how every new qe,twist,zirp,swaps,ltro,stimulis,and so on,has less and less effect.....more money less can tell the fed has never run a real business,be y should they care,its not their money ,its yours.

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