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  • IBDMAN15 IBDMAN15 Jun 2, 2012 8:10 PM Flag

    Poll what % drop next week? Black Monday?

    greed and fear has been the same forever. read about the Tulip bulb mania/bubble? In the future, this could be referred to as the FED/Obama induced bubble of record low S-T interest rates for way too long....record money printing, record increase in deficit under one president in 3.5 years. actually Obama has racked up more debt in 3.5 years than the entire US since 1776. That sure hasn't been tested yet. what if rates do increase by 2-3% to curb hyper inflation? Anyone check plane tickets lately? an increase to 2% would be an eight fold move from the current 0.25%!! Look at the stock index charts. Those show fear and greed and what is actually happening now......not what some talking head on CNBC thinks ought to occur or wants to happen.

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