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  • xtgeminiman Jul 22, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Her come the " Gun control " morons !

    Strict gun control laws in DC and Maryland. How's that work for our nation's capitol and Baltimore?

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    • I highly suggest many of you watch " 911 in plane sight " on youtube your eyes up to the big picture of what is really going on ....and NO i'm not a " conspiracy " theorist , or any of that garbage....but our politicians and elected officials try and use FEAR , as an excuse to chip away at our constitutional rights...let's go ahead and ban alcohol while we are at it, I mean how many people die each year from that ??? Yeah, you see my point now ?

    • Its impossible to have Gun laws in a restricted area only like DC. Its hard to imagine why anyone objects to registartion of Guns, and banning automatic assault wepons and restricting number of rounds in a clip.

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      • As a footnote, fully automatic weapons are banned. With that said, the reason I object to creating new laws is because that won't keep the guns out of the bad guys hands. If you can create a law that will get "ALL" guns off the street, then I'm in. Otherwise, I'll keep my guns.

        How about we enforce current laws. It's crazy that someone can commit a crime with a firearm and be given probation. The problem is that we don't enforce the laws we have. We're way too lenient on sentencing in this country

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