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  • xtgeminiman Aug 11, 2012 7:34 PM Flag

    The Ryan/Biden Debate Should be Very Entertaining

    Must see TV. It should make for plenty of good laughs as Ryan destroys him on every topic. Biden should save face and not even show up.

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    • I rent from someone who used to/probably still does support Biden.

      I'm very interested in hearing what Mr. Paul Ryan
      has to say, especially as the VP pick.

      I don't trust any Politician, regardless of which party they represent.

      I find it very interesting that folks whom I know, do. It makes me question their reality, and priorities.

      And for all that "Hope and Change" that one person I know well was hangin' her vote on: She's now having to reduce my rent to keep me to stay, and our mutual friend/acquaintance is now on Pubic Assistance.

      He had a job 4 years ago, and she was able to charge me more rent.

      I don't see any form of "Movin' On Up" for her, him, nor I, in the Reality Check.

    • As I pointed out to anoter person today; the Photo Op of Paul Ryan with a Dee Kill was the Downfall of the Republican Party.

      A Wise Person never uses the same tag line twice.

      And the Repubs burned that "hunter/gatherer" line into the Repub. campaign with what became, "Caribou Barbie."

      And now Paul Ryan is going to be labeled as: Killadeer Ken.

      Jesus Christ!

      Who's in charge of these campagnies?

      And those who are in charge of stategy/game plans, really do suck.

      I'm appalled, and I really don't care about political stuff, and usually have less than respect for most politicians.

    • that debate will be like a bikini contest between
      roseann barr and pamela anderson.

      a total mismatch.


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      • You guys underestimate Biden and I am not voting for Obama. Joe lost his entire family when he was young in I think a car accident. Wife and kids. That changes a man and gives him a strength and wisdom that others sometimes miss. There are even bigger things than the continued existence of the U.S. Joe knows about those. I agree that he might look somewhat foolish when arguing some of the specifics, but he is also concerned about others. His solutions and beliefs might be right or wrong, but his heart is really mostly clean and that will serve him well in the debates. Ryan needs to be careful that in is righteous surety he does not appear heartless and cruel. Could happen. Just something bigger for you all to think about. jmho

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