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  • ponzi_mania ponzi_mania Aug 18, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

    2012 to me is like 2007

    everyone betting on a crash they know will happen but they keep getting squeezed. The only difference now is there are no rate bullets. Every down move was followed by a 1/4 cut, then there were no bullets left. The market peaked in Oct. 2007 then reality set in...

    So lets look at today...first, The FED will not acknowledge inflation getting worse. They will not raise rates nor the ECB(maybe only Australia). Now there is just unlimited QE running the ponzi higher while everyone is short thus propping it higher...bailouts and QE is desperation but the market is not viewing it that way...

    the canary is coal mine is NOT Europe and not the fiscal cliff dive. The whole exit of euro zone has been priced in and played upon(it's really old news but the media loves to fear monger it). The soap opera and bailouts will continue. Things will always be better than expected with low balled estimates at every spectrum.

    If the market followed economics, it would be too predictable and everyone would be rich...

    Not many people are long this market. Mom and Pop gave in in the crisis in 2008 and never came back. Retail is not invested like they were in say tech bubble as well. It;s my belief that markets crash when the middle class are in and they aren't this time around...most are broke and unemployed and not in tech bubble stocks like say in 2000...

    so ya want the ponzi to end? ya better think outside the box and not what you read and what is forseeable...

    u tell me when your barber, taxi driver, or neighbor is fully invested again. they don't even follow the market anymore if you ask me. You ask the common man what they think of market and the answer I get is "I don't give a crap", "it';s a scam" , etc...

    So this is the most hated rally of all time because no one believes it and not many are in and even worse most are short..

    so who wants to predict an unforseeable event?

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    • I've been short and I'm lovin' it.

      Made a good sum over the last 18 months, but that was from names that were garbage on these exchanges and deserved the collapse.

      Now I would not be surprised if the rest of the markets follow.

      By the way, do you know about the 1907 Panic?

      That was a rich man's panic-the public was not even involved in the stock market at the time-1929 also had limited participation by the public even through the media makes it sound that the entire world was in the market at the time with the shoeshine boy stories.

      I would say compared to those two panics, today's stock markets have way larger participation by the public through 401K's, IRA's and institutional funds.

      Yes, it may be that the average individual is not in the markets trading stock, but through institutional funds gambulating with their retirement-pension monies, I think their participation is substantial even still.

    • Just to point out that the FED does not do the inflation numbers.

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      • This time might be the last chance to be humble for all the almighty-wanna-be's, who might guess their work is God's. :)

        Their wealth might be mediocre as the plain ...
        Lasting only some time to light their dark room ...
        Are we ready to be humble by now ... ?
        Who knows we might be running into the end of our splendid and somewhat arrogant capitalism ... ? :)

        Who would dare to think they are doing God's work ... ?
        Cheers to our endless prosperity ... ROFLMAO .....

        Have a nice days ... for all those winners-wanna-be's, who sold their soul for a handful of pennies ... :)

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