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  • ladder_week ladder_week Aug 30, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Ok bears, it's over for the day. That was your bone

    Hope you cut your losses by covering.

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    • I want medium-rare Filet Mignon they have cooked since I don't know when. Throw that bones to the needy longs. :)

      GLD movements nowadays seem to hint no QE tomorrow, but heck, who would know if BB give occasional big surprise tomorrow ? :)

      So hold on tight longs if you wish & a broken Hallelujah to BB for that. :)

      BTW there seems to be a strong probability some more QEs might make everyone on earth financially equal, POOR.

      What a great compression will it be again since last time, 1920s !
      Everybody gotta work hard night & day to get a slice of bread & milk thanks to a dumb or another dumber. :)

      10 grand per ounce of Gold ... 6 bagger one night ...

      Who could guess which QE could trigger that ? ( QE 3 or 4 ... ?? )
      Don't count on BB to know that. I guess his guess might be no big difference with anybody's. :)

      Everybody on this planet became poor, then what would be the expected P/E for SPY ?

      Think about it.
      Everybody wait a guy announce something big tomorrow.

      Isn't that funny, is it ?? :)

      ROFLAO ...

    • Don't bet on it

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