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  • tbonewqd tbonewqd Aug 31, 2012 9:48 AM Flag

    The US Monetary base

    Doesn't anybody else see a problem with this data?

    The monetary base has almost tripled since 2008.

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    • and....scene!

    • "My account balance says otherwise."

      Wow, did you ever miss the point. Why am I not surprised?

      Aren't you the guy who claims to let his positions run for years? And yet, you can't find anything more enjoyable than to watch every tick of the market and try to SKOOOOOOL anyone who trades on a shorter time frame?

      You make fun of people who buy silver at 26 and sell 30 because silver was 50?

      On the flip side, this board is populated by people who think the ONLY way to trade is to flip 4 ES for a quarter point.

      There are as many ways to trade as there are market participants. The only requirement for making money is to buy cheap and sell dear. Beyond that, one chooses one own rules of engagement. That's what makes this so attractive from my point of view.

      Your account balance? Dude, if you're as old and wealthy as you imply with your "house surplus" and "decades of riding the grand super cycle" and all you have to measure your life by is your "account balance", you're an effing loser.


      Why don't you just go out in style like Harold Camping? Buy some billboards around the country and give a date. Then do the world a favor, and croak.


    • YouTube "S&P Interview with Professors Robert Shiller and Karl "Chip" Case on the U.S. Housing Market"

      Listen around 13:12 ~

    • You tell him, SingJass.

      That dude is bitter to the core. Typical survivalist and/or end timer mentality: get all prepared for the end of the world, then go around pounding your chest for decades about how you're the only one who understands how dire the situation is.

      CLUE FOR ALL THE DOOMERS: YOU'RE RIGHT, we're all going to die (you included, no matter what preparations you make, you are going to die). IT'S A MATTER OF TIMING. If you spend your life hoping/praying for the end of the world (be it the rapture or just the collapse of the financial system), you may very well end up a bitter old man (women are not generally given to this particular bag of neuroses). Why not try enjoying your life? Make your preparations, then go do something enjoyable. Can't think of anything more enjoyable than to wax bombastic on a yahoo message board? Uh, that's pretty pathetic.


    • Why Professor Case mentioned about 300 bps right up after getting normal ?

      Look at the chart ^tnx ... around 2007 before shock it was around 4.6 %, now it's around 1.6 % since politically motivated mkt interference by FED.

      It's that EASY & SIMPLE.

      ROFLAO ...

    • You didn't even start this thread and have twisted it into your own failed logic that is going to cost you loonies a ton of capital.

    • You have lost your mind.

      You have strange need to instruct anyone you respond to. As if in some way you have an understanding that you feel a need to share with all of us.

      I made the point earlier today that this is all about the dollar's move. I don't recall anyone asking you for your insights. Isn't that right?

    • Well that's fine for you-whatever-

      My account balance says otherwise.

    • "The value is the price"

      Spoken like a guy who "knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." UNREAL

    • The value is the price-And the price is going higher.

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