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  • joeyfalcone320 joeyfalcone320 Sep 12, 2012 3:39 PM Flag


    expecting to make a 3-5% gain in two days

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm thinking the other way on this... I see no way for QE tomorrow, but I do see some stimulative measure being put forth. I see a quick knee-jerk selloff followed by a rally within a day or two--excuse given: "the market has had time to think about it" (the stimulus measure, whether it be buying MBS or something else); also, it will imply the economy is still not that bad to warrant QE and/or there will also be the specter of the Fed still wanting to do QE at some later date--remember, if it is spinnable news, they WILL spin it--and jawboning works ONLY because the people listening to it are in cahoots with the jawboners.

      Also, my interpretation of the charts leads me thisway... they are not done propping up this market; too many stocks want to double-top and are not quite there yet; housing stocks are looking for that blow-off top, also (would the purchase of MBS do the trick?)... if they do no QE and the market sells off, then what? What is going to save it?? A sudden turnaround in the global economy OR a forced announcement within a week that there will be QE3 after all (which would immediately call for a thorough investigation of the Fed).

      Also, there are just way too many people positioned for a fall in the markets... this market will only fall when everyone is head-over-heels in love with it and do so very unexpectedly on a bright sunny day.... so bears will have to be nimble--collect your profits and don't get too greedy because the "end of the world" never strikes when many are expecting it.

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