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  • yirich815 yirich815 Oct 1, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    Some indexes start to improve nowadays ...

    Some says housing may be bottoming out ... and ISM good today. So good news is bad or what. Isn't it too early to stop printing ? I doubt they know the exact timing ... They need to see the hyper is at the corner to move. And anybody's guess if they can control that. :)

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    • What do you mean housing may be bottiming out?

      My house it at 150-year highs.
      When did if go down in price?

      There is no sub-prime in Canada
      and banks are not allowed to play games with poor people on FOOD STAMPS.

      I love this QEinfinity thingy, don't you?

      It basically promises that US$ will stay weak FOREVER,
      doesn't it?

      How does that go again:
      "In GO[L]D We Trust"?

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      • I doubt if money printers could control the probable hyper in time. If they can't, what is the meaning of holding any stocks or cash ? :( I seriously hate that kind of situation in which a handful of john & jane does think they can control everything with the help of controled-media ...
        This costs too much to do harm to the spirit of Capitalism itself. And no doubt to leave bad examples for the later generations. And one more thing ...

        If they are so patriotic, they should have never done that kind of absurd things at first.
        So, some bulls pounding table mentioning patriotism really make me vomit.
        Longs & shorts are here just for making money, not more or less.
        What a bunch of hypocrites ! :)

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