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  • homo_plashadpobedy homo_plashadpobedy Oct 10, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Do you think former ceo Jack Welch cooked their books at GE?

    I can't believe this girlie man has the gall to imply that Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cooked and fabricated the job numbers for political reason.

    Its good Fortune fired him. No one reads his garbage anyway.

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    • Jack wants to get publicity so he can write another book... FixedNEWS only publicize bad numbers, no good numbers are not willing to accept.. simply because they want USA doing badly so they can benefit from it..
      What's a bunch of traitors...
      This old fool is still greedy, one foot in the grave and still not giving up his ambitions..
      He picked and choose whatever he wants to believe, and ignore all the facts..

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      • Your right about that. everyone wants to write more books so they can be more famous and richer. Just google jack welch job, there's plenty of opinions. Here a classic from media decorder blogs ny times:

        Fred T
        New York, NY

        Nobody knows more about manipulating financial results than Jack Welch. During his time as CEO of GE, Welch manipulated earnings every quarter so that the numbers would always beat by one or two cents per share. This consistency was rewarded by Wall Street and GE traded at a premium to most of its competitors. He is a complete hypocrite that couldn't possibly explain how the labor numbers were even compiled. And yet Wall Street treats him like a god and no one questions thefraud he perpetrated for over a decade. Now that's ironic!

        Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:02 p.m.


        Jack Welch's assertion that he is right in questioning the numbers seems to be cooked up after he bungled it.

        He did not question the numbers. He questioned the integrity of the process and the people who work up the numbers.

        There is an almost unanimous opinion that the process and the people are beyond reproach.

        Jack should own up to his mistake and apologize to them. Instead he is insisting on hiding behind his cooked up excuse.

        Jack Welch with the little girls voice is a joke.

    • No one reads ur chit either. U haven't discussed Sandusky's appeal. U know he's innocent and must be released for the good of the team. Can't U C that? Now, go get Ur wedgie and stay happi.

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